Two Person Parachute Activity

parachute activity We are all familiar with group parachutes, but have you tried activities with two person parachutes? Alyssa Dabbenigno, a Physical Education teacher from Virigina, shares with us this fun activity using our Spectrum Connect-a-Chute Pack of parachutes as two person parachutes. Participants will learn to work together, practicing throwing, catching, and retrieving.

Two-Person- Outfield Scramble

Divide the class into TEAMS, preferably teams of 4 (Example: Flyers, Eagles, Capitals, Nationals, and Pirates)

  • Two members from each team will be selected to hold the Parachute.
    • Their job is to work together to “CATCH” the pop flies using the 2-person parachute. (The ball may not bounce or be rolled)
    • Catchers may move side to side but can not cross the black line to get closer to thrower!
    • IF they catch the pop-fly they must try to transfer the ball into the team hula hoop/basket (as shown be hind catchers in images) WITHOUT using their hands! (each pop-fly is a “run/score”)
  • One member from each team will be selected to be the “Thrower”.
    • Their job is to go through the 5 Steps of an Overhand Throw using the parachute as their target. Staying behind the cone they may throw 1 pop-fly at a time.
  • The last member of the team is the “Retriever/Ball-boy/girl”.
    • Their job is to run back to the bleachers where all of the objects (gatorskin balls, yarnballs, and rubber frogs) are scattered around. They may pick up one object at a time and RUN to the “Thrower”. Hand them the object – DO NOT roll or throw.

After each round rotate the players! Everyone should get a chance to throw, catch, and retrieve! (Add in a fitness component: while the “thrower” is waiting for a ball they are doing squats, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.)

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