Ideas Worth Sharing – A Unit on Native Americans

We survey many of our customers and sometimes we ask them what they use the products they are buying for. We continue to be wowed by your creative, resourceful and genius ideas, so we want to share them for others to enjoy!

Shelly from Fort Kent Elementary School shares with us how she uses these Totem Poles in her social studies and language arts unit on Native Americans.

“My fifth grade students learn about Native Americans through a thematic unit in social studies and language arts. In addition to reading about Native Americans, my students also complete a research project about an assigned tribe. These totem poles are painted by each student, using colors that represent different aspects of their chosen tribe. They are then displayed for others to enjoy. The culmination to our unit is a pow-wow with our local Native American tribe.”

How would you use this product in your program?

totem pole craft native americans

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