Volleyball Activities for Physical Education

Volleyball is a perfect sport for any PE curriculum. It can be done indoors or outside, with fairly basic materials. It’s also a fantastic tool for working on teamwork, hand-eye coordination and movement. These activities, assessments, and bulletin board ideas we’ve compiled from PE Central will get your group setting, bumping and spiking like pros!

Bulletin Boards

Utilize 3 of the 5 senses to bring this board to life. This board utilizes touch, sight and sound to prep the group for the basics of volleyball. The looping audio track can be used to talk about the basics of volleyball and fun facts about the sport. Another fantastic thing about this poster is it is excellent for special education groups or anyone with disabilities due to the fact it is multifaceted.

volleyball poster board

This bulletin board idea helps students learn the basic terminology of volleyball. The visuals help display proper technique, therefore giving students a start on how to perform key actions correctly.

volleyball poster board


  • Volleyball Set Pass Peer Assessment: Want to evaluate students on how well they set? This assessment, designed for grades 9-12, includes everything you need to help students improve their skills. Free, downloadable assessment sheet included.
  • Underhand Volleyball Serving Skills: This assessment helps assess whether or not students understand the basics behind serving a volleyball. This simple yet foundational skill can help students be successful in the sport later on. This also includes a downloadable assessment sheet.

Instant Activities

  • Keep It Up: This activity is simple and works for any age group! Variations and applications for students with disabilities included.
  • Volleyball Practice: For any grade, this activity is a perfect way to warm-up and practice one of the crucial skills of volleyball, bumping!

Lessons for Grades 3-5

  • Overhead Pass Jingle: This lesson will enable students to learn and perform the two-handed overhead pass in volleyball. Fun way to practice and teach basics.
  • Volleyball Battleships: A volleyball twist on a classic table-top game! perfect to practice form and accuracy.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Great way to practice teamwork, and gives instructor a chance to rove and observe form and teach when necessary.
  • Lifesaver Volley: Tag mixed with volleyball! Students enjoy this game because most of them get to be the lifesaver where they can ‘save’ someone and it is also a fun way to reinforce volleying skills.

Lessons for Middle School

  • Olympic Volleyball Skills Station Practice: This activity features stations students will rotate around and work on all the essential skills. Perfect for a group more serious about the sport.
  • Race to 100 in Volleyball:  The purpose of this activity is to show students the importance of using more than one hit in a traditional game of volleyball.

Lessons for Grades 9-12

  • Plus One Volleyball: Adds a fun variation onto volleyball by increasing the amount of volleys necessary to hit it back over the net.
  • Foot Volleyball:  A fun twist by making players uses their legs to hit the ball over.
  • Volleyball Work It Out: A great lesson that touches upon all the aspects crucial to success in volleyball.

We hope that these lesson plan ideas, warm-up activities and bulletin board suggestions help you accomplish your goal of teaching students the basics and technicalities of volleyball.

Search for more volleyball related activities from PE Central here. Play on!

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