Star Wars Activities for Physical Education


star wars peThe new Star Wars movie is finally out, and we have found some ways to use this theme to encourage physical activity! Incorporating characters, props, and scenes from the movie into a P.E. lesson will help kids get excited and motivated. Learning new ways to get active is important in keeping “the force” with physical education!

Star Wars Pool Noodle Lightsabers

A creative PE teacher by the name of Kevin Tiller used the lightsaber from the Star Wars movie to create this fun activitiy for his P.E. classes. Check out his Physed Review website. Kids can create their own lightsaber using pool noodles and some duct tape. Then they must challenge themselves to be Jedi knights and keep the balloons in the air. The force is strong with this one! This activity is trending in P.E. classes all across the world!

star wars p.e. activitiespool noodles for star wars

Now kids can beat Kylo Ren from the new move Star Wars:The Force Awakens with their own deluxe lightsaber using our new Noodle Connectors!

Check out our pool noodle blog for more physical education activities using pool noodles!

Star Wars Throwing Game

Another great idea for a gym activity is from Carly, an Elementary P.E. teacher. To practice overhand and underhand throwing, the students pretend they are in space ship and have to throw balls into the other team’s space ship. She has some great video tutorials on how to set up these activities, materials she used, and videos of the students participating on her blog.

star wars activitiesStar Wars Word Run

This activity from Carolyn on The Pleasantest Thing combines running and reading. Kids have a “mission” to land on the each word and rescue it from the Empire. When you call out a word, they have to run and look for it.

star wars physical exercise

Star Wars Dance of the Storm Troopers

Our friends at PE Central have shared this dance activity created by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University. The dance stimulates the movement of the Storm Troopers. It teaches several skills including rhythm and memory. It is also really fun and gets the kids laughing and relating to the movie using dance. For the step by step routine, view their lesson plan.

star wars activity

Star Wars Warmups

This idea is also from Kevin Tiller. We love the slogan he came up with, “May the Fitness be with you” and how it motivates kids to do their phys. ed. warmups by using the Star Wars characters. You can download these warmups on his site.

star wars fun

Some other great Star Wars ideas and downloads from Kevin Tiller include:

Would you use these activities in your P.E. class?

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Activities for Physical Education

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  2. Great idea.
    I just left a Star Wars Birthday party & played ‘Star Wars Tag’.
    Everyone is a tagger, each time you are tagged you turn into a new character, after being tagged 3x you go to the ‘Carbonite Chamber’ count to 10, re-enter game.
    Characters we re-created:
    X-wing fighter (arms out and fly around tagging)
    Millennium Falcon (same as X-wing except now fly with elbows bent, forearms forward, hands flat in front of you)
    R2D2 (arms to sides and shuffle feet making beep noises)
    Chewbacca (arms up over head and growl)
    Princess Leia (hands cupped above ears)
    We did 3 rounds using 3 character rotations per round.
    Kids were wiped out.
    Age group: 6/7 yr olds

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