7 Themed Activities for Your Field Day Event

Field Day is one of the most exciting events during the school year. It wouldn’t be complete without some themed activities designed to get kids moving and practicing the skills they learned all year. These 7 activities from PE Central feature popular themes that will get students active and having fun.

Power Rangers Field Day

With the new Power Rangers movie coming into theaters very soon, this is the perfect Field Day theme for 2017! This activity includes 6 stations, one for each color Power Ranger, plus a Power Up water station.

field day power rangers

Turtle Power Field Day

Students will think this activity is totally cool thanks to its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) theme. Stations include the Secret of the Ooze, Pizza Delivery, Fall of the Foot Clan, Ninja Training, Cowabunga Crawl and Shell-Shocked.

field day ninja turtle

Super ‘Field Day’ World

This themed-activity combines Field Day and Super Mario World. Be sure not to forget the Mario-themed playlist! This activity is also suggested for grades 3-5.

field day super mario

Once Upon a Field Day

Who says Field Day can’t be fun and encourage learning? This activity uses themes from popular children’s books to combine Field Day fun with literacy learning. Recommended for grades 2-5.

field day theme

May the Force Be With You Star Wars Field Day

May the pedagogy be with you with this one-of-a-kind ‘Star Wars’ themed activity. Suggested for grades 3-5, this activity includes Frisbee (“light saber”) dueling, R2D2 races and more.

The Zone Field Day with Stations Galore

Students in grades K-2 will enjoy moving from different “zones” within the school this Field Day. Zones include the “Indoor Zone,” where students enjoy playing a variety of activities indoors, the “Water Zone,” where students enjoy a series of water-related activities and the “Dry Zone,” where students enjoy a handful of non-water related activities.

Trip Around the World Field Day

Students will take a trip around the world with this activity! This is a great way to encourage cultural appreciation this Field Day as students will represent different countries and play activities accordingly.

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