Martin Luther King Day Crafts


To celebrate Martin Luther King Day, try these fun and easy crafts in your classroom or at home with your children. It is important to celebrate this day and to teach children the history of equal rights. These crafts we have collected from creative people around the world are inspired by the “I Have A Dream” speech, and the meaning of equality and togetherness.

Handprint Dream Catcher

This craft from Kids Creative Chaos is perfect for sharing the importance of equality. All you need is a paper plate, construction paper, glue, and markers. Have each child write an inspiring word on a hand, and at the end they all link together. Talk to the kids about how today is a day to celebrate everyone being equal.

martin luther king day crafts

martin luther king jr activity

Fingerprint Peace Dove

A kindergarten class at the Beverly Cleary School created this beautiful peace dove. This activity shows children that we can all work together to create peace. Each child will put their fingerprint inside of the dove. A key at the bottom with their name on it also helps send the message that each of them make up a part of the peace dove.

martin luther king jr. activity

martin luther king day

Freedom Bell

The Freedom Bell is a very cute craft from KidsSoup. See the tutorial on their website Twiggle Magazine. Teach kids that Martin Luther King wanted freedom to ring in America. You will need a few common household items: styrofoam cup, pipe cleaners, craft paper, aluminum foil, ribbon, glue, scissors, markers, and a bell.

Martin Luther King crafts

Peace Handprints Flower Craft

We found this idea from Artists Helping Children. Find the step by step tutorial on their kids craft activities blog. With just a few simple materials you can enjoy this craft with family or friends. The flower represents peace, and the hand prints work together to create this peace. We have multicultural paper here, which is perfect for this craft.

crafts for martin luther king day

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