Top 20 Favorite Spring Crafts & Activities

spring crafts

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to start planning some spring crafts and activities. That’s where we come in! These 20 DIY crafts, kits, and activities are our favorite, featuring all of the best things that remind you of the season – butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, and birds. Many of these ideas are craft kits that make at least 12, so they work great for the classroom, after school, Girl Scouts, kids parties, and for senior residents. So start celebrating the warm weather with these fun activities!

Velvet Art

Velvet Art Sunshine Tote Bag

velvet art bag spring theme

Perfect for books, yarn, craft supplies, beach gear… you name it! Ready to decorate, this large canvas tote is printed with velvet flocking for a “feel good” coloring experience. Made from durable woven canvas fabric with sturdy webbed handles for comfort, this tote is perfect for all of your Springtime activities!

Watercolor Velvet Art Posters II

velvet watercolor art

We’ve taken Velvet Art to a whole new artistic level, and gave it a Springtime twist! Exclusive designs are printed in velvet flocking on actual watercolor paper. Achieve beautiful blended colors and soft subtle shading with watercolor paints. You can paint right over the velvet printing – easy success for almost any age and ability!

Watercolor Velvet Art Butterflies

spring watercolor craft

Velvet Art is one of the most popular new craft activities – and now you can add paint! Make beautiful butterflies with watercolor paints. You can also blend colors and create soft shading with paint or colored pencils. You can paint right over the velvet printing so it’s great for almost any age and ability. We also love these velvet art posters as another Spring craft.

Drawstring Bag

velvet art bag butterfly spring

This last Spring craft item is a drawstring bag with a velvet butterfly outline. Using fabric markers, color in the butterfly, then add some other designs like leaves and flowers. A helpful tip is to line the inside with newspaper to prevent bleed through. Kids can use these for carrying items on field trips, vacation, camp, and more. We also have a flower drawstring bag.

Foam Flower

flower thermometer

This fun foam flower magnet is a working thermometer (oil filled). Includes foam pieces, thermometer, and wiggly eyes. Each project is individually bagged with all the pieces for convenience! One instruction sheet is shared among the group.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta Vase

terra cotta vase collage

Genuine terra cotta vases you can paint and personalize! Decorate with paint, markers, trims, and more. Small size makes a great decorative accent piece or a spot to display freely-cut flowers!


Color-Me™ Glazed Ceramic Bird Feeder

color me bird feeder

Use permanent markers to create your own design on this small hanging ceramic birdfeeder. Add your birdseed and cord (for hanging) and hang feeder outside and watch the birds all Spring long!

Lighthouse Birdhouse Craft Kit

kid with lighthouse birdhouse

Create this laser cut wood birdhouse with a nautical theme in time for Spring! Slot-fit construction makes it easy to assemble. We recommend acrylic paints and wood stain, sold separately. Perfect for decorative indoor use or if putting outdoors, we recommend using waterproof glue and sealer, sold separately.

Wooden Birdhouse Craft Kit

spring crafts

Build and design your own birdhouse! Our customers had some great activity ideas for this craft: A great building project for summer camp, a classroom activity for Mother’s Day gifts, and a project for a men’s group at a nursing home. Each group really enjoyed assembling and painting their birdhouse. Many of them even wanted to make 2 or 3 of them. You can also spray the birdhouses with a varnish and sealant so they can be used outside.

Wood Crafts

Bless This Home Plaques

bless this home plaque

This plaque has “Bless this Home” and floral border lightly laser burned. These are the perfect Springtime crafts and add a welcoming and personalized touch to any space!

Pinwheels Craft Kit

spring crafts for kids

Pinwheels make a nice addition to a garden. This craft kit comes with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs. Kids can decorate them with paint and put them in their parent’s garden, or in the garden at school or at camp. Our customers have used this activity for Girl Scouts, and for summer camp. One camp counselor shared that they have a butterfly garden and use these for an educational lesson.

Mini Wood Frames

spring frame kit

This pack of adorable mini frames is perfect for a Spring theme. It comes with unfinished, individually wrapped wooden frames. Use paint or markers to decorate and embellish with glitter or sequins. The pack includes 3 each of 12 designs – frog, baseball, ladybug, sailboat, flower, fish, heart, soccer ball, dog, football, cat and butterfly. Includes dowel for them to stand. Kids can put a photo of themselves in the finished frame and give as a gift. Check out all of our wood frames here.

Paper & Painting Crafts

Paint-a-Dot™ Everyday Greeting Cards

paint a dot greeting cards

These greeting card designs are a great way to welcome Spring! Choose between a hot air balloon, flower vase, lighthouse, and landscape. Envelopes and paint brushes included. All you have to do is just brush on water – the paint is in the paper!

Watercolor Butterflies Craft Kit

watercolor butterflies

This butterfly craft kit is great to use with educational activities. View our free butterfly lessons activity guide for some great ideas. The kit comes with clothespins, chenile stems, coffee filters and everything else needed to create bright and colorful butterflies. Great for hanging in the classroom with string or yarn to display the beautiful artwork of your students!

Watercolor Flowers Craft Kit

spring watercolor flowers

Make beautiful flowers easily with this kit and arrange them in a spectacular display of color. Just paint the precut flowers with the watercolors included, and string them onto the fluffy stems with a bead to hold in place. Includes tube watercolors, glitter glaze for added accents.

Hanging Crafts

DIY Hanger

butterfly hanger spring

Create a Spring themed hanging decoration using our round wooden spiral mobile!  The spiral wood piece is the perfect natural accessory for weavings, beaded hanging décor, and mobiles. You can hang butterflies or flower beads for Spring, and sea glass, and shells for Summer. These make a great hanging art display, sun catcher, or wind chime. You can paint or stain the wood as well. The pack of 24 is perfect for groups!

Welcome Door Hanger Craft Kit

spring flower craftsWhat better way to welcome spring than with this door hanger craft kit! Perfect for hanging in a classroom or at home. This pack of 12 comes with banners, satin ribbon, and foam flower pieces, but you can also personalize it with these foam bugs and butterflies and assorted sequins. One of our customers shared that she uses these for the Occupational Therapy Department in a skilled nursing facility. The residents love them and they are pretty easy to complete, even for patients with impaired cognition are able to participate.

Wind Chime Suncatchers

spring craft kits

Our wind chime suncatchers are a customer favorite. The kit comes with 4 each of a ladybug, butterfly, and bumblebee, and the cords and chimes are pre-assembled. Use stain to decorate!

Sand Art

spring arts and crafts

Sand art is such a unique craft activity. There are so many color themes and patterns you can make. Fill your butterfly or flower with our fine or coarse sand. To add some more artistic creativity, make extra layers of glitter! Or you can add the glitter to the sand and mix them together.

DIY Crafts

Painting Rocks

painting rocks spring

One of our all time favorite activities is rock painting – you can be so creative with designs and colors. Plus, the kindness rock concept is great for spreading positivity throughout the community. Have your group place the rocks outside in various local areas! We have a silly stone craft kit that comes with the stones, wiggly eyes, paint, glue, brushes and instructions. You can also just use these river rocks and any decorative materials you have.

Fairy Door

Fairy Door spring

Decorate a magical fairy door with acrylic paints, permanent markers, and other fun Spring themed accessories! This is a fun craft for dramatic play. After they are finished with the project, kids can use these to create a Fairy Garden! Add some small river rocks, real or faux plants, and little creatures to complete your fairy world.

spring crafts fairy

We hope you love these spring craft kits as much as we do. Tell us your favorite!

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