Sand Art Boards – Themed Crafts for Your Program

Sand art is easy to do for all ages! Create stunning pictures by simply peeling the precut shapes off of the self adhesive backing, and then apply find sand to the designs. We have several sand art board packs that can be used for themed activities in your program!


How to Tutorial – Sand Art Boards



Use a table cloth, art tray, or paper plate for this project for less mess cleanup!

Step 1: Get your sand colors sorted out in a cup or shaker. Choose which project you’d like to do and which colors you want to use. 

color splash sand

color splash sand art

Step 2: Gently pull back the precut shapes one area at a time from the self adhesive backing of the sand art board. 

sand art

Step 3: Shake fine sand (or glitter) onto the exposed area. Repeat with remaining areas.

sand art project

Step 4: Carefully shake loose any sand remaining on your art board. You can do this over the trash or pour it onto your art tray/tablecloth for less mess. 

sand art craft

Your finished project is ready to frame! 

Sand Art Board Themes

Check out our selection of Sand Art Boards below! There are some fun themes that can work great for camps and recreational programs. 

Hearts and Stars

sand art boards hearts and stars

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, these heart themed sand art boards are a fun creative craft activity for your group. The pack comes with a total of 12 boards. Use themed colors like purple, pink, and gold. 

Wild Animals

sand art boards wild animals

Kids love animals! Plan a jungle themed lesson plan with these themed sand art boards that feature a giraffe, butterfly tiger, and wolf! This is a great craft for all groups, ages and abilities. This pack comes with 3 each of 4 fun self-adhesive designs. Decorate with colorful sand!

Travel Theme

sand art boards travel theme

Blast off with this travel themed sand art board pack. The designs feature a rocket, plane, truck, and sailboat! Have your group do this craft in conjunction with a lesson plan on which destination they would like to travel for each of these different modes of transportation! The pack comes with 3 each of 4 different styles.

Sea Life

sand art board sea life theme

These underwater scene sand art boards include whales, dolphins, turtles and fish. The perfect addition to your Under the Sea themed activities, or when learning about the ocean and marine life. There is a total of 12 sand art boards in this pack. 

Dinosaur Theme

sand art boards dinosaur theme

Everyone loves dinosaurs! Perfect for any dino theme in your classroom, camp, or at home. These sand art boards feature a T-rex, brontosaurus, triceratops and stegosaurus. You get 3 each of the 4 styles. 

Pet Theme

sand art boards pet theme

Pet lovers will enjoy these sand art boards that feature dogs and cats! This pack comes with 3 each of 4 designs for a total of 12.

Sports Theme


sand art boards sports theme

This sports pack come with 8 each of the football, basketball and soccer sand art boards, plus 1 oz. bags of sand in red, orange, black, brown and green. Perfect for celebrating the Big Game in February and basketball in March!  

Action Sports

sand art boards action sports

There are some action packed sports sand board options in this pack! Board sizes are 5″ x 7″. Includes 3 each of 4 different style for soccer, basketball, baseball and football.

Gone Fishing

sand art boards fishing theme

These fishing themed art boards are great for water lovers! Make it a gift for Father’s Day or a fun craft that you can do as a group. This pack comes with 3 each of 4 different styles.

Sand Art Easy Pack

sand art board easy pack

Make easy, impressive art with our peel-and-pour sand art boards in one convenient and easy pack! It includes 48 total 5″ x 7″ sand art boards in Hearts & Stars, Sealife, Sports and Celestial designs, and 2-lb. bags of fine terrarium sand in 12 colors.



sand art boards celestial theme

We love these unique celestial designs featuring the sun and moon. You can get super creative with the colors for these intricate designs. This pack comes with a total of 12 sand art boards.

General Theme

sand art board craft

Our general themed sand art pack comes with 2 each of 6 styles, including several birds, an old style vehicle, a cow and lion. 

Garden Theme

sand art boards garden theme

This pack is one of our favorites for the Spring time! The garden themed sand art boards come wtith 3 each of 4 styles that include a bird house scene, flower vases and pots.

Do you love sand art? Check out our Velvet Sand Art projects here!

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