Ring Around the World Activity for PE

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My name is Lindsay Karp, I teach physical education and health at Bret Harte Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ. Ring Around the World is a fun game that I use in the beginning of the year to introduce all types of equipment to my kindergarten and first grade classes. This activity allows students to experience a high energy game while getting a feel for all different types of equipment that we will use throughout the year.



Spread all your equipment out around the gym, students on the outside of the  black lines will have a hoop.

Activity Instructions:

**I have large classes, so this can always be modified for smaller classes*

As a lead up to this game students practice rolling their hoops around the gym so they understand how to get the hoop to roll.

  • In groups of 2, students will sit at a hoop around the outside lines of the gym
  • 1 student will go at a time and roll their hoop to the middle of the gym to try and land around some equipment
  • Any equipment that lands inside the hoop the students get to take back to their partner
  • Students are working together to collect as many pieces of equipment as they can
  • You can make each piece of equipment a different amount of points and let the students tally them up at the end
  • There are a variety of extensions for this game, and my students love to see what their hoop lands around!

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lindsay karp pe teacherAbout the Author:

Lindsay Karp is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Cherry Hill, NJ. She received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of South Florida and is currently working on her Master’s degree in School Administration. She loves spending time with her family and friends and is always looking for new ideas for class! Follow her on Twitter @PeMrskarp

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