My New Sound System Helps Me Sleep

Every year at S&S Worldwide, we have one week during October that is called Customer Service Week! This week is all about giving back to our customers, as well as our internal customers (employees of S&S). During this week there are games that are played in between business and you get an opportunity to receive tickets and win a large range of items!

I happened to be the lucky winner of our Sound Spa Relaxation System! This was an item that I have always wanted because I constantly have issues with falling asleep. I noticed that if I had some background noise, it was much easier to fall asleep. This machine offers six different sounds to listen to (White Noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Thunder, Rain, and Brook), with the White Noise being my favorite! There’s an easily adjustable volume setting so you can choose how loud or quiet you wish it to be. Not only tare you able to adjust volume easily, but it also has an optional timer with an automatic shut-off, so it doesn’t have to play all night wasting energy. You can either plug it into your outlet, or it has an option to use AA batteries if you would like to take it with you somewhere!

sound spa relaxation system

This prize has really been a gift for me. If falling asleep is an issue for you or if you need a sound machine for any other reason, I highly suggest this item for it’s functionality and simplicity! I highly suggest checking this sound system out and you can decide for yourself what you think!


Mikayla HeckathornSubmitted by: Mikayla Heckathorn, Telesales Representative at S&S Worldwide




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