An Active Game of Hungry Hungry Hippos


While I was speaking to one of my customers, they had mentioned an awesome game that they started playing within their Physical Education classes. A life-size version of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos! The activity follows the idea of the childhood game, where you slide on scooters trying to catch the most balls on the ground!

The awesome part about this game? Students have to work together as a team to play. One person lays on their stomach on the scooter, while their teammate is behind them, holding up their feet (like a wheelbarrow race, but the scooter is used instead of arms). The person that is behind, pushes the other person’s legs into the middle of the circle so they can catch balls on the ground with a bucket. The person at the end with the most about of balls, wins!

There are a few different options for equipment. We just added some Hungry Humans packs to our website, which come with 6 scooters, 100 large 3″ ball pit balls, and 6 laundry baskets.

You may also decide to make the game yourself, using these materials:

Other items that you are useful with a scooter purchase are:

hungry hippos

Let us know any other fun spin off games that you are incorporating in your program below in the comments!

Mikayla Heckathorn

Submitted by: Mikayla Heckathorn, Telesales Representative at S&S Worldwide

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