A Super (Hero) Customer Service Week

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Once a year we have the pleasure of celebrating one of the toughest jobs out there: customer service! As we all know, our front line employees deal with the great, the good, and the ugly that comes with the territory. That’s why once a year we nationally recognize their efforts with an entire week of celebration, and what a week it was!

The week was themed, and the name of the game was “Superheroes”. There was no shortage of super! Both champions and villains from our favorite comic books and movies made an appearance. No worries though: battle did not ensue when the nemeses met. From costumes to face paint and logos to capes, the spirit of the festivities was alive and apparent! Dressing up was not just reserved to the employees on the phone…our managers got involved as well! The Dunkin Donuts Diva (Jamie Guifarro) came to the aid of the under-caffeinated, Zorro (Michael Hansley) who slashed our credit holds, and Elastigirl (Marie Hughes) stretched the budgets of our customers!

customer service As if it was not enough to have the opportunity to dress as our long-time childhood heroes, we also had a host of different events to take advantage of. There was a relaxation room to take a breather in when we were stressed, a popcorn bar with a variety of flavored seasonings (the buffalo chicken flavor was exceptional!), and fruit and vegetable platters galore to enjoy! To top it all off, a raffle was held with a slew of fabulous prizes! Did I mention the massages? It truly was an amazing week.

Submitted by: Kevin Lovely, S&S Worldwide



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