Must-Have Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for Tweens

With the holidays right around the corner, we asked some of our associates with children what they were planning on purchasing for gift giving. This is one of a series of posts written by our employees on what they think the must-haves are for their children this year.

1. Holiday shopping for my kids is such a fun experience for me. My twelve-year-old daughter has so many passions, one of which is drawing and art, so I think she would love a new kraft journal and some gel pens to go with it.

holiday gift guide tweens

2. I also spotted these Window Markers that she can use to decorate her windows. They are washable so she can create new designs whenever the mood strikes, and they dry to a bright crystal-like colors.

holiday gifts tweens

3. I think she would also enjoy any of the Creative Haven coloring books with fun designs like mosaics and nature scenes. This pack even has a hidden picture twist. Something different and a fun stress reliever after a long day at school.

tween gifts

4. We love to watch crime movies and television shows, we sometimes wish that we were right there in all the action. I saw this Genetics and DNA Lab Kit and thought my kids would love to test DNA evidence and learn how to check fingerprints. We could set up our own crime lab in the house. Maybe my son can figure out which member of the family has been stealing his candy! Who knows, maybe this will lead to a career in forensics if he really enjoys these kits.

holiday gift guide tween

5. My son attends a STEM school, so I thought him and his friends might enjoy this giant solar balloon.

tween holiday gift

6. My daughter plays all sorts of sports at school, but at home she enjoys playing archery the most. I plan to get her some archery targets so she can practice.

holiday gift guide

7. One of the presents that my son asked for this year is a Ping Pong Table. To save on cost so that I can get everything else on his list, I found this portable net and post table tennis system. Then I just need the some paddles and the table tennis balls.

holiday gift guide tween

8. I had a chance to try out this StikBot™ Studio Pro kit and it seems like so much fun! With the amount of time my daughter spends on her phone on social media, why not encourage a more thought provoking creative way to spend her time videotaping. I bet she will be posting her animated videos in no time!

tween holiday gifts

9. We usually have a Family Game Night where we get everyone together for a game of cards or board game around the holidays. A game of Pictionary always has us laughing and everone gets so into guessing.

holiday gifts

10. Last but not least, I think this TAG Art Game might be fun for my daughter to play with her older sister. Combines her competitive side with her love for art.

holiday gifts

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