Pin Ball Game for PE Grades 1-6

This activity is called Pin Ball! The game focuses on rolling skills and accuracy as well as defense. Cooperation, communication and sportsmanship are key elements to success. Equipment: Poly spots Bowling pins  Gator Skin balls Pinball Video Game Set-up The … Read More

Movement Concept Stations for PE Grades K-5

School: Ravenwood Elementary Activity: Movement Concepts Stations Skills: Locomotor Movements, Pathways, Levels, Speeds, Balance, Dancing Grade: K-5 Movement Concepts Description This is a stations based activity where students work on different types of body movement.  We utilize lots of equipment … Read More

Gold Rush Physed Activity Grades K-5

Gold Rush is a great game to do at the beginning of the year as students are learning to take turns, work together, and follow simple game directions. My name is Matt Barrows from Ravenwood Elementary and this PE activity … Read More

Passing Activity for PE Cooperative Games Unit

My name is Lindsay Karp, I teach physical education and health at Bret Harte Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pass the Fish (or Chicken) is part of my cooperative games unit that I start the year off with. My students … Read More