Ideas to Celebrate 100 Days of School

The 100th day of school is a milestone that has become popular to celebrate with students. In addition to some of the fun pencils and bracelets we sell, we have gathered some of these great (and easy) ideas for you to plan to celebrate the 100th day of school in your classroom.

Makerspace Ideas to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

We are loving these makerspace activity station ideas from and thought, what a fun way to really get students engaged. You can use almost any manipulative to create this type of 100th day activity – legos or bricks, stacking cups, wooden blocks, or even these really cool Rabbits and Rabbits.

makerspace cup idea 100 days of schoolmakerspace building stem 100th day activity100 lego build makerspace

Fun Take Homes for 100 Days of School

Running low on time? We know, is that a trick question? If you want to celebrate 100 Days of School, but need a quick and easy solution to create some excitement we have a bunch of items on the site that are great take homes for each student. 100 Days of School Pencils, glasses or Wristbands.  We also have bulletin board decorations and 100 Days Smarter Certificate Awards. Browse 100 Days of School Items here.

100 days of school


Writing Activity – When I’m 100 Years Writing Activity

Kids get a kick out of the AgingBooth App, which is free to download on your phone or tablet. Use this to help them imagine what they will be like in 100 years. Compare pictures side by side.  This wonderful teacher from the whoswhoandnew blog has provided these free 100th Day of School Printables on her TeachersPayTeachers page.

100th day free printable


“Actively” Celebrate the 100th day of School with a Physical Education Lesson

Our friends over at PE Central have a few lesson ideas to get kids active in a fun way to celebrate their 100th day. Whether you are a PE teacher, an after school teacher or any other educator looking to add some movement to the day, these ideas are perfect. There are ideas from cup stacking activities to integrating the activity with a fellow Math Teacher.

Cup Stacking Activity
Fitness & Sports Idea
Moving Math Idea
100th Day of School Assessment Idea

100 days of school

For more ideas, check out this article from Education World on 100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days of School.


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