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S&S tradeshow 2016

I recently joined the team at S&S in September in the role of Web Merchandising Manager, which means any time a new product is added to our inventory, the paperwork passes my desk to be added to the web. I read the description and check out the product image and feel like I have a good grasp of the product. Therefore, I wasn’t expecting the level of excitement I felt when I walked into the back of the warehouse this week for the New Product Trade Show.

The first thing that hit me when I walked into the space was the groovy 60’s music pumping from one of the new Boom Tower Bluetooth Light Show Speakers and tie dye shirts the merchandising and purchasing department were modeling from our new Color Splash tie dye kit. This of course was all tied together with our theme Rockin’ the Scene in 2016.

After I spent an hour or so going around to the over 35 tables to touch and feel all the new products, I had the opportunity to then watch the rest of our employees and some local customers walk around and experience the same delight. It was fun to see which products had the best response from attendees.

Here are a few new products that were crowd pleasers:

  1. Front and center, the first items that many people saw were the beautiful wooden planters and flower beds. Many employees were checking these out for their own homes.

S&S trade show products

Products shown:

  1. Our very own Crafty Kate was drawing crowds all throughout the day with her demonstrations of our new marbleizing products. These definitely had the wow factor, and many visitors left with a piece of paper they had marbleized themselves.

S&S trade show

trade show products

Products used:

  1. One of my personal favorites was the new sensory items. I spent many breaks relaxing my hands in the Glow in the Dark Spit Balls and Slippery Spheres display, which grow when placed in water. My other favorite was the colorful kinetic sand.

S&S new products

S&S tradeshowProducts shown:

  1. The new velvet art was one of the top hits from the Arts & Crafts section. Not only do we now offer collaborative pieces like the Imagine Peace, but there are also new fun 3-D velvet art options as well as Velvet Art Mandalas.

tradeshow products

S&S worldwide trade show

Products used:

  1. One game that got the fans going was the Boom Boom Balloon Game where visitors were taking turns trying not to pop the balloon. Another game that drew in crowds was called Toss Four, which is an action packed version of your favorite 4 in a row game where you toss the ball and it sticks to the target.

S&S trade show

S&S trade show game

Product Links:

  1. In the Education area, one of the top draws was the Light Cube Sensory Tray. We had water with paint mixed in, and once you turned on the tray the materials shake and glide. We had it displayed on top of a light cube for added visual interest.

S&S sensory item

Product Link:

  1. The robotics were also a show stealer. Some of the new products included JD Humanoid Robot and the Roli Rover Robot.

S&S new product trade show

Product Links:

Overall the two-day Trade Show was the happenin’ scene! We are excited for all of our new products to launch in 2016.

Which new product is your favorite?

Tradeshow S&S worldwide

Submitted by: Kelly LaBarre, Web Merchandising Manager at S&S Worldwide

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  2. My favorite was the marbling area, however I loved the Color Me Pet products and the head lamp as well! Thanks for sharing Kelly!

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