Parachute Games with a Ball

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By now you’ve realized the kids love parachutesIf this is your first time using the parachute, head over to our Parachute Basics post and start there. For those of you looking for a few new ideas, let’s add some balls and other accessories to the parachute fun.

First, which kind of balls should you use? It really depends on the game, but something safe, not too hard, and not too heavy. Here are a few of our favorites:

Now for the Games:

Popcorn Parachute Game

  1. Start with players stretching the chute out. Throw as many of the items, like listed above, onto the chute.
  2. Holding the chute tightly have everyone bounce the balls like popcorn as quickly as they can off the chute.
  3. You can evenly play with two teams, One side trying to keep the balls on the chute, which the other works to try and get them off the chute.

Bulls-Eye Parachure Game

  1. Gather a ball or two that fits through the center hole.
  2. Participants will take turns trying to roll the ball into the center, through the hole.

Ball Drop Parachute Game

  1. As a variation to popcorn, this game is only played with one ball. Split children up into the teams, one on each side of the parachute.
  2. One team will try to keep the ball on, as the other team will try to knock it off.

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Rollerball Parachute Game

  1. Players hold the chute stretched tightly and place a large ball near the edge.
  2. The object of this game is to try to make the ball roll all the way around the edge of the chute. One person needs to start the ball rolling.
  3. As the ball goes from person to person, they should lower their edge, and as it goes past, raise their edge to keep the ball moving.
  4. This will begin to create a wave. A high amount of cooperation and coordination will need to be maintained.
  5. Try speeding it up or changing direction when it becomes too easy.

Roll-to-a-Friend Parachute Game

  1. Players hold the chute stretched tightly and place ball on top of the parachute.
  2. Players will call out a name and roll the ball to that person.
  3. Players must work together in cooperation for each player to get the ball to their friend.

Parachute Golf

  1. Use a ball that will fit into the center hole and toss onto chute while players hold the chute stretched tightly.
  2. Players then must maneuver the parachute to get the ball through the hole. Each wave counts as a golf stroke. How many will it take each time to get through the center hole.
  3. Nominate a “caddy” each time to retrieve the ball.
  4. Keep score and play 18 holes. You can then try to beat that your next “round of parachute golf”

Have you ever played any of these games before? What are your favorite Parachute games to play?

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