Classical Music Creations – Process Art for Kids

classical music craft

This Classical Music process art focuses more on the fun and creative expression during the process of creating rather than the focus of a perfect final product. Children can be very creative with this activity. You can glue on buttons, draw on parts of music notes, glue on musical note confetti, color on the music sheet, even add washi tape. This was part of our discussion also about Mozart and Beethoven. The children created their own classical music note creations while we listened to Mozart.

Min Age: Preschool

Objective: Creating simple Process Art activities where children can express themselves through creativity



Step 1: You can purchase the music writing pad online, print off samples from online, or even create your own using white paper, ruler, and a pen or marker.

Step 2: Glue your buttons down anywhere and in any order you wish. You can make some high and some low, you can go in rainbow color order, or use all the same colors. You can also glue on the music note confetti.

Step 3: After your buttons dry, you can leave them as is or draw the Stem (the line that goes up from the note), Flag (the curved line that hangs down from the top of the stem), or Beam (the straight line that attaches two notes).

classical music art project

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