How To Celebrate International Men’s Day At Your Senior Facility

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Celebrate the men in your facility on International Men’s Day, which falls on November 19th each year, by providing a fun-filled day of activities that target the men in your facility. Here are a few activities to consider:

Chit Chatting

Get the men socializing with one another with a fun game of Toss-n-Talk – Men’s Edition, where the men toss the ball back and forth while answering the questions on the ball.


Show the men how to craft with metallic foil by using a tooling craft kit. For the activity, have the men select from the six molds to create the metallic foil art.


Provide the men with model planes to decorate before flying them to see whose plain travels the farthest.


Supply the men with unfinished classic cars that the men can paint and decorate as they reminisce about their favorite classic cars of yesteryear. They can also decorate a motorcyle craft kit or mini race cars.

Playing Catch

Invite the men to play a fun game of catch using a catch ball disc set, in which the men can toss and catch balls back and forth in your Activity Room. Another alternative is this hand mitt catch set or involve a group and use this Toss Four Game.

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