Sand Mummy Excavation Activity Kit – Learning Archeology

sand mummy activity kit

Kids can have a lot of fun playing and learning with this Sand Mummy Kit! Discover the mini skeleton inside using the included wooden tools. Combine this activity with a lesson plan on archeology, fossils, and even ancient cultures. This can also be used as an educational tool for kids to learn about bones and the human body, as they build fine motor skills.

This is a great activity for Halloween and can be combined with other themed ideas for the spooky season!

Recommended ages: 5+


Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Use scissors to open the mummy kit. The mummy is also individually wrapped, so be sure to have an adult cut the plastic. Use the art tray as a craft space to avoid a mess, as some sand particles will come off. NOTE: The mummies may vary in color (brown, green, red).

mummy kit supplies

Step 2: Fill your water dropper with cold water. Place a few drops onto the surface of the mummy before starting the chipping or “excavating” process. This softens the sand a bit and makes the project easier for kids.

Step 3: Use the wooden tools to chip away the sand. The goal is to reveal the mini mummy inside. You may need to keep applying a few water droplets during the process to moisten the hard sand so it is easer to reveal the mummy.

sand mummy kit

Step 4: Once you start to see the mini mummy inside (it is a white/tan color), you can use the small brush included in the kit to remove fine particles around it.

mummy activity kit

Step 5: Remove all of the skeleton parts from the sand. There will be a head, body, two arms, two thighs, and two legs. It almost resembles a skeleton. You can put together the pieces by matching up the pegs to the holes. Then use the black stand provided to display!

mini mummy pieces

mummy sand activity

Ideas For Learning 

Since the mini mummy inside the sand comes in pieces and resembles a skeleton, you can combine this activity with a lesson on the human body. Teach kids the parts of the skeleton with a fun song called The Skeleton Dance. Instead you can call it The Mummy Dance!

The excavation process in this activity mirrors how the archeologists use tools to reveal remains from ancient sites, or paleontologists who carefully work to preserve fossils in the earth. This a great way for kids to learn about these professions and how it leads to some very cool discoveries!

This activity is also great for learning ancient cultures. Have kids watch this video and come up with their own fun mummy adventure.

mummy lesson plan

We also love this activity because it helps kids build fine motor skills and allows for cognitive development. They can practice using small tools and paying attention to detail. Plus, it is a fun activity and they can play with the mummy figure once it is put together!

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