Fall Leaf Paper Craft – Library Storytime Activity

leaf people craft

This paper leaf craft is a super easy activity for all ages for the Fall season! I used it for my Fall storytime at Dripping Springs Community Library. First, I started out with a silly rooster puppet named Doodley Doo that told silly jokes about Fall. We also enjoyed a wiggly song called It’s Time to Stand Up – Come and Make a Circle 3 by Susan Salidor.

After sharing the picture books, Fall is Not Easy by Marty Kelley, Little Tree by Loren Long, Fall Mixed Up by Chris Raczka, and Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller, we enjoyed a very fun craft time making Fall leaf people.

After setting out the materials on the table, the only directions we gave the children was to have fun and make people using the leaves! The results were magical and exceeded my expectations for sure!


leaf paper craft fall

If you are blessed to have real genuine gorgeous fall leaves where you live, then by all means use those! We are somewhat limited in the South, and most of our leaves on the ground are brown, so we used leaf diecuts and colorful fabric leaves for this project. Imagination and creativity know no limits with this craft, and all of the preschoolers came up with really unique projects. Some of the kids made leaf people, while others made leaf monsters. One of the 4 yr old boys decided to create his leaf family, while another I observed made a spooky tree and glued leaves on, and put 2 big eyes in the center of the tree. Even the youngest preschooler, at age 2, enjoyed gluing googly eyes on the leaves…ok, so he mostly enjoyed squeezing the glue bottle!

paper craft fall leaves

Try this activity in your storytime program while the Fall seasons lasts!

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church activitiesLisa Baker is a retired 5th/6th grade teacher. She is also the mother of two grown sons and a sweet Morkie puppy, currently residing in Dripping Springs, TX, which is 30 minutes west of Austin. She started her own business as a children’s entertainer and storyteller, and entertained in local bookstores, churches, schools, events, and birthday parties for many years. Lisa currently volunteers in her local library for story times several times a month, as well as teach preschool at her church, Austin Ridge-Dripping Springs.

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