7 Key Places in Your Senior Facility to Decorate for Halloween

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Help residents celebrate Halloween by filling your facility with themed decorations for this fun autumn holiday! Here are 7 places in your senior facility to focus on:

Front Porch

In keeping with the harvest theme, make the outside of your facility more festive by adding a few cornstalks, bales of straw, and pumpkins on your front porch. Then line the railings along the porch with an orange and black Halloween bunting. In addition, host a Scarecrow Competition, in which teams of residents compete to make the best scarecrow by using pillowcases, old clothes, and straw. Then arrange all the finished scarecrows along the front porch.

Entry Way

Have fun with the entry way of your facility by adding in a few spooky cobwebs to set the mood for your visitors. If there’s space available, add in a CD player to play Halloween-themed music like Monster Mash.

Front Deskhalloween seniors

As it gets nearer to Halloween, inflate Halloween balloons each day to keep at your facility’s front desk to pass out to visiting kids. In addition, keep a witch’s cauldron at the front desk that is filled with candy and Halloween party favors like bouncing eye balls or spider rings. You can also use a permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth on white balloons to make ghosts, and on orange balloons to make pumpkins.

Dining Room Tables

Fill pumpkin cups or jack o lantern pails with orange tissue paper to use as table centerpieces on your Dining Room tables, or use these fun Halloween themed centerpieces that are already made. In addition, string Halloween paper chains throughout the Dining Room for added decoration. For a healthy yet spooky snack, pass out some oranges or tangerines that have jack-o-lantern faces drawn with marker!

Room Doors

For the apartment doors of your facility, invite residents to decorate masks with paint and glitter before hanging them on their front door for the holiday. Then they can wear them on Halloween day!

Activity Roomhalloween

Decorate your Activity Room with a Halloween scene that can be placed on one of the walls. In addition, keep residents returning to the Activity Room by placing a cauldron of candy as treats to those who participate in activities.


Use a Halloween decorating kit to provide a variety of fun, hanging Halloween decorations throughout your facility. In fact, get residents in on the decorating by hosting a Halloween Hallway Contest, in which residents compete to decorate the best hallway in your facility.

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