Fall Themed Crafts & Activities

Make the best of the Fall season with some fun craft activities to spread joy and creativity! Use fall colors like brown, yellow, red, and orange to create a festive project for kids or adults. Check out these DIY crafts that you can use to decorate your home or learning space.

Wood Leaf Necklace

The perfect fall season accessory! This makes a fun fall craft for kids age. The wood leaf necklace kit comes with 12 projects total, and includes the wood leaves with holes in the stems for stringing, wood beads, hemp cord and markers.

For the yellow and red leaves, we used a brown/dark green marker and lightly drew a few lines in the center for the stem. Remember, the marker will bleed a bit since you are coloring on wood. Then string the cord through to make the necklace. For the beads, have fun mixing and matching the number of wooden beads and the colors to match the leaves.

Tip: Coloring the small wood beads is fun, but messy. You will get marker on your fingers, so just be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after.

Fall Bracelets

Add some jewelry making to your activity calendar this fall! Our wooden bead assortment is perfect because it has brown, orange, and red. You can also add a pop of color with our other wooden jewelry bead mix that includes fuchsia. Get creative with different patterns – each bracelet or necklace will look unique!

Fall Themed Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are taking DIY to the next level! Use these hoops along with some felt sheets and other simple craft materials to make a few fun fall decorations. For the background for each, place a piece of colored felt over the inside hoop, then stretch it tight by pressing the top hoop over it. This holds it into place with tension. Flip it over and cut the excess felt off. Screw the top piece to secure. Here’s how to make a tree, pumpkin, and owl:

  • Tree: Cut out the shape of a tree in black felt and glue it to the tan felt background. The black color gives a silhouette look. Glue an assortment of fall colored craft buttons to the branches and around them. This was our favorite!
  • Pumpkin: Cut out pieces of black felt or black paper for the nose and mouth and glue them onto the orange felt background. Add wiggly eyes!
  • Owl: Use light brown felt to make the wings, then yellow, white, and dark brown for the eye area, orange for the beak, and add 2 buttons for the eyeballs. Glue to the brown felt background.

Hanging Leaf Decoration

We love how this wood leaves craft kit can be used to make so many different fall decorations! Follow the included guide to make the leaf ornaments, or you can branch out to make hanging leaf decorations like these! We colored the leaves with the included markers, then strung them on jute string. You can also use the leaves as stencils for other craft projects! The kit comes with 48 leaves, 12 each of 4 different leaf shapes.

Sand Art Candles

Our sand art candles kit is one of my favorite craft kits. You can make themed sand art candles for all seasons and holidays. The kit includes glasses, votive candles, dowels, and 6 bags of fine sand. The colors include orange, red, yellow, green, and blue. We made 3 different designs. After you pour your sand in, add the candle to the top. You may have to push and turn the candle a few times so it goes into the sand far enough.

  • Three layers & colors: Pour equal amounts of each color on top of each other, making 3 layers. Place the candle in the center.
  • Six layers with design: Pour equal amounts of each color on top of each other, this time using less of each so you can make six layers instead of three. Use the included wooden dowel to create designs down the side.
  • Blended colors: Have fun mixing sand colors to get some different fall colors! We mixed yellow and orange, and orange and red.

Faux Maple Leaves

Looking for a simple centerpiece for your holiday table? Try faux maple leaves in a clear glass vase. You can also use these leaves or our printed leaves to make a fall wreath, or paint them with gold or glitter to add an even more crafty look. View the examples below, plus find more on Pinterest!


Painted Wood Leaf Charms

These wood charms are super cute for the fall season! Accent and embellish all types of crafts with these charming painted wood leaf “charms”. Each is pre-drilled so tying them onto any craft or jewelry project is easy. You can also glue them onto craft surfaces for added dimension and detail. The pack includes 9 different leaf shapes, 30 pieces of each for a total of 270 pieces.

wood leaf charms

For more Fall and Thanksgiving crafts and decorations, visit www.ssww.com/holiday/thanksgiving

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