6 Supplies For Your Senior Living Hanukkah Festivities

Hanukkah activities for seniors

With Hanukkah quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning Hanukkah activities for your nursing facilities Jewish residents. Besides your menorah, there are several other supplies you may want to have on hand for your celebration. Here are 6 supplies to help add cheer to your Hanukkah celebration!

Dreidel Game

It’s difficult to provide Hanukkah activities without thinking about the dreidel game. So this year, recruit residents to help you create a dreidel game using air-dry clay. Simply have residents paint the wooden pieces and then use the pieces for your daily afternoon dreidel games in your activity room throughout the Hanukkah season. If you have extra pieces, encourage your residents to wrap them as Hanukkah gifts for their grandchildren.


Well, it’s hard to play the dreidel game without having gelt or chocolate coins. Be sure to have plenty of the coins on hand to distribute as prizes to residents when playing the dreidel game, or as prizes for other games, like Hanukkah poker (using Gelt as the poker chips) or Hanukkah checkers (using Gelt as the game pieces).


With the arrival of Hanukkah comes the tasty treat called sufganiyot or jelly donuts. Invite your residents to help you make these jelly donuts using a mini donut maker. Once the donuts have cooked in the maker, supply residents with piping bags of jelly to pipe into each of the donuts.

Blue and White

Make sure to decorate a portion of your facility in the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue and white. Recruit residents to help you drape blue and white streamers from the ceilings in your nursing facility.

Lots of Lights

Remember that Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, so use white stringed lights throughout your facility to create a festive Hanukkah atmosphere. Consider using the lights to create the Star of David on an empty wall, or to border the windows and doors in your Activity Room.


Finally, be sure to have candles as part of your Hanukkah celebration. However, instead of using real candles, which may be a hazard in your facility, provide residents with a cute glass candle collage to decorate that can then be filled with LED tea lights for illumination.

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