A Few of our Favorite Paper Crafts

We love paper crafts! How could we not with over 300 paper products available in our warehouse. Wow! That’s a lot of paper right? There are endless possibilities for paper creations and we are inspired by so many of them. What was once a blank canvas for crayons, markers, and glued on craft accessories is now a 3-D masterpiece, a favorite Finding Nemo character, or even a fancy Alice in Wonderland themed top hat. So here are some of our favorite paper crafts, hand picked by some of our crafty associates who just like us, love their paper!

Colorful Construction Paper Spinning Hot Air Balloon Craft

Paper Crafts Hot Air BalloonWe absolutely love this idea from Crafty Morning! This craft is great for both the young and old. Who doesn’t love hot air balloons? Using just string, toilet paper rolls, and paper – you can make one too!

Origami Paper 3D Diamonds

Paper Crafts DiamondsWhat a gem this craft is! Can you believe this is paper? Believe it or not, Minnieco has a pretty easy tutorial and printable template for making them. Use our origami paper to achieve the best results!

Paper Plate Finding Nemo & Dory Craft

paper crafts finding dory and nemo

These adorable paper crafts from Simply Today Life were inspired by the movie Finding Nemo, and it’s a perfect craft to try this summer! We loved this idea so much, we used our super visors craft kit to make them, which comes in a pack of 48 so you can make these at a kid’s birthday party! Check out the tutorial at Kids Visors Inspired By Our Favorite Characters.

Mini Patterned Paper Top Hats

Paper Crafts Top Hat Alice in Wonderland
You can make these for a mad hatter tea party, Halloween, a dramatic play area, or just because they’re fun.  We love that paper can even be mixed and matched to create the most incredible top hats.

Construction Paper Hyacinth Bouquet

Paper Crafts Hyacinth Flowers

This hyacinth flower is our #1 pinned craft on our Pinterest Paper Craft Board. It is so easy, and can be created in so many different colors. Add glitter to the ends to really make this craft sparkle! Find our tutorial here.

Card Stock & Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones

Paper Crafts Ice Cream

We love textured art projects like this ice cream cone made from mixing paint and shaving cream.  Art projects like this, require a more sturdy paper like our stock paper or paint paper. Find how to create your own shaving cream ice cream cone here at Crafty Morning!

Paint Paper Splatter Flower Craft

Paper Crafts Flower Paint

Round up those pipe cleaners and grab the paint to make these fun flowers. Just be sure to put down enough backdrop so that the kids really get creative with their tooth brush splatters. Our paint paper is a perfect pairing for projects like this.

We can’t wait for you to get started with these awesome creations and your new paper!

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