How to Create a Colorful Indoor Sand Garden Terrarium

indoor sand garden

Air Plants and Succulents have become increasingly popular lately – and its no surprise because they are almost completely indestructible – and oh so adorable!

We’ve teamed up with Mel Arledge from Indoor Gardens by Mel, an Air Plant and Succulent Terrarium Artists/Designer from sunny San Diego, to bring you this awesome step by step picture tutorial on creating your very own colorful indoor sand garden! Here’s how she makes these beautiful creations.  When you’re done, head to Mel’s Instagram to get some inspiration.


Step 1: Decide which colors you’d like to use. For this specific design, I chose bright colors that pop!

Colorful Indoor Sand Garden

Step 2: Using one of the colors, begin to lay the foundation at the bottom of your terrarium bowl. Take a paint brush and begin to sharpen out the lines.

sand garden

Step 3: Add the next layer or colored sand. Continue to alternate between colors for each layer.

sand garden terrarrium

TIP: Use a small spoon to add each layer!

colorful sand garden

Step 4: To brace your design, add a layer of sand to the center.

TIP: Placing a mirror under your terrarium bowl/globe is a great way to view your design as you work!

colorful terrarium

Step 5: Finish the design by adding a single layer of sand to coat the top. Then place a plant in the globe. Voila, your very own indoor sand garden!

Tip: Clean the inside of the globe/bowl with a paint brush once finished. 

sand garden globe

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4 thoughts on “How to Create a Colorful Indoor Sand Garden Terrarium

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  3. The colorful sand garden is a great idea! I want to do it in my house! I will make sure to remember your tip to use a small spoon to add to each layer of sand!

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