DEILAB, A STEM Curriculum, Comes to S&S

DEILab trainingAnother day, another training. “DEILab is offering a workshop and we want you to come build this tower, and while you’re at it learn about STEM,” they said.

“Ugh, math and science,” I said. I wanted the opportunity to create, build, and play. Not do math. I hate math! I WAS WRONG. There I said it. Learning from the STEM curriculum with DEILab was great!

I was still able to create, build, and play while working with a teammate. The biggest problem was learning that my teammate for the afternoon was A YANKEE fan. Go figure, that a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan could communicate and work together as part of something strong and beautiful. While having fun we were able to help attain the goal of building a brick tower that used 500 bricks and stood over 15 feet tall. Maybe it was the fresh tunes cranking that brought it all together. Maybe it was the energy of the larger team. Maybe it was the magnitude of the challenge, “Build a 15 foot tower in 15 minutes”.

Either way our instructor said it best when looking at the finished product and talking about how STEM relates to building a better world – “DaVinci had his Mona Lisa.” We need everything and everyone working together to gain the motivating insights to create crucial building blocks for a brighter future for generations ahead. STEM, ART, MUSIC, PLAY all intertwine to bring creative answers to today’s challenges. Whether it is brick by brick, working together, or laughing while tackling the job at hand.

Want to watch your students turn into architects, engineers, builders, innovators, leaders, and problem solvers? The secret sauce is in the curriculum of DEILab!

Find out more about the DEILab tower curriculum pack here and download DEILAB’s Free guide below.

STEM free activity guide DEILAB

Submitted by: Brian Armstrong, Key Account Manager, S&S Worldwide


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