Easy Paint Palette Watercolor Craft Projects for Summer

paint palette craft

These Paint Palette projects include the paint right on the paper! They make crafting so convenient and are perfect for summer camps and senior living facilities. It’s a convenient way to create a beautiful watercolor painting. We have 5 different designs that inspire positive messages and display beautiful Spring and Summer themed designs.

Use the watercolor palette included on the painting to paint and blend colors to paint the phrase and the design however you want. Trim off palette once you are finished with your palette, and then you can display or frame the artwork! Overall size (including palette) is 8” x 10”. Artwork is approximately 8” x7”.

Each of these designs come with 24 cardstock paint palette projects plus paintbrushes, so this is perfect for large groups. Instructions are also included.

Paint Palette Craft Kit: Be Yourself 

We love that this design inspires your group to be themselves. It is so important to instill this message to kids, and can spark a conversation among the group. Have each person tell one character trait that they are proud of. The feather design also allows for a lot of color options as it is very detailed.

be yourself craft

paint palette craft

Paint Palette Craft Kit: Go Your Own Way

This design also has an inspirational message for kids, telling them to ne unique and not always follow the crowd. Make your own choices and be proud of who you are. The fish are super cute and can be colored in many different ways. You can even add some glitter or gems to make it sparkle!

under the sea paint palette

paint palette craft

Paint Palette Craft Kit: Tulips 

The tulip paint palette design is perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons. Your group can brighten their day with these beautiful flowers. Display all of the finished projects as an indoor garden!

tulip painting craft

tulip painting palette craft

Paint Palette Craft Kit: Hope Garden

This flower design features a positive phrase, “Where flowers bloom, so does Hope” by Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson, the was the First Lady of the US in the 1960’s. She inspired the use of wildflowers along the highways, which spread hope and added some beauty to America. Encourage your group to come up with some other positive phrases that also spread joy in the community.

flower garden painting palette

Paint Palette Craft Kit: Apple Still Life 

A perfect scene for summer! This apple paint palette is a fun design with several elements to color, including the apples, tablecloth, chair, and flowers and plants in the background. Even the sky as well!

apple painting craft

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