Tag Games for Summer Camp & Recreation Programs

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We’ve shared some fun tag game variations that you can incorporate into your activity rotations for summer camp and recreation programs to provide more twists on a classic game for kids.


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Noodle Tag

A tag game with pool noodles. Approximately five noodles per 25 students. Determine boundaries and pick five students as taggers with noodles. They must tag only knees and below with the noodle. At referee’s signal, all students run away from “taggers”. If tagged a child must freeze with both arms extended. They must be “defrosted” by two people – once on each arm – to become free. When their first arm is “untagged” they should drop it to their side and wait for a second “untag” so they can be defrosted. They are allowed three seconds to flee before they can be chased again by a noodle tagger. The game ends when all students are frozen or a referee signals that time up.

Sock Tag

Everyone takes off a sock and puts it in the back of their pants so that it looks like a tail. The object of the game is to steal other people’s socks without having yours taken. If your sock is taken, you must stand on the boundary and you can try to take other people’s socks if they come near you (you can only move your upper body). If you steal someone else’s sock and you still have your own, you can keep that sock incase your own is taken, then can use your reserve sock as a back up and you’re still in the game. The winner is the last person who is left in the middle.

Hoop Scoot Tag

Scatter hoola hoops in the play area several feet apart. Select players to be “it” and give them a tennis ball to carry for identification. The object is for players to run from one hoop to another without being tagged. Only three players can stand in a hoop at a time, and for no longer than five seconds. If a player stands too long in a hoop, the tagger begins counting the seconds. If after five seconds the player hasn’t left the hoop he or she is automatically caught. The person who was caught switches role with the tagger. When the tagger tags a player the two switch roles and the tennis ball gets passed to the new “it” and the game continues.

Don’t Get Caught with the Cookie

Choose 2 students to be the taggers. Give out balls (cookies) to other students. Taggers are trying to tag all students who have possession of the ball (cookie). If you have the ball and get tagged, you must put the cookie back in the jar (a bag outside the boundary area). If you are tagged, you must go to the sideline and cheer on your class. Students can pass the cookies to each other to avoid getting tagged while holding the ball.

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