How to Make Slime – A Safer Recipe for Kids


how to make slime activity

Slime is the new popular activity for kids! In just 5 easy steps, you can join in on the fun. Experiment with different colors and add fun items like glitter and beads! You can also use this as a sensory experiment for kids that need tactile and visual stimulation.

There have been some concerns about using Borax as an ingredient in making slime, so we’ve got an alternative that is safer for kids – contact lens saline solution!


  • 12 oz of Elmer’s white glue
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 2 tablespoons of contact lens saline solution (or more, add as needed)

(NOTE: This is for a large batch. You can divide the amounts by 3 and make a smaller batch, especially if you want to test the recipe first. The contact solution binds the ingredients together.)

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Sensory Stimulation Activities for Senior Residents


sensory activities seniorsImplement a few sensory stimulation activities to help reduce aggressive behavior and calm your agitated residents. Simply add a few activities to your existing senior activity calendar to reduce the aggressive behavior and increase the therapeutic relief. Here are a few activity ideas from to try for each of the senses. These are especially helpful with residents with dementia.


If your agitated resident enjoys visual stimulation, supply them with color tubes that she can flip while watching various colors fall in the water. In addition, consider making the sensory tubes yourself by adding water and small colorful objects like buttons, glitter, and beads. Learn how to create some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed sensory tubes here.

If your resident is more active and likes to move, place a colorful wrist ribbon on their wrist for them to sway as they move their arm up and down. The ribbons also work well as a group activity for leading residents on a walk or during a seated arm exercise. In contrast, for your more stationery residents, use a color therapy DVD for them to watch as they enjoy the ever-changing colors and shapes on the screen. Continue reading

Sensory Tube Activities for St. Patrick’s Day



sensory tube activites

Include some sensory activities for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! These sensory tubes are easy to make and provide both visual and auditory benefits. There are many different types of materials you can use to create some amazing effects, plus you can experiment with each activity.

For this activity, we used a set of sensory tubes. The set comes with 4 clear tubes with both vented lids which are great for auditory use, and solid lids which are great for liquids. The twist-tight lids are very secure, but if you are happy with how your project comes out and are using liquids, you may want to glue them closed to be safe. These sensory tubes are a great alternative to the commonly used mason jars, because they are plastic which is safer for kids.

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