DIY Sensory Bottles for Kids

diy sensory bottles

We made these fun sensory bottles as one of the crafts at our Parent’s Night Out event, it was awesome that each kid bottle turned out so creative and diverse, they all had a lot of fun using the different objects to put in it and play with different colors.

We used the pre-made Sensory Bottle Kits from S&S and added some of our own twists. Keep reading to see how we made a fun sensory experiences that the kids will keep forever!

Age: 3+


Step One:

Have the kids fill up their empty bottles with whatever objects they want. We used the shells, glitter and sequins that came with the kits, but also added wiggly eyes.

Step Two:

Fill up the majority of the tube with water (about a 9:1 ratio of water to glue). The more room you leave for glue, the more “slow motion” the sensory bottle will move.

Step Three:

Add glue to the bottle so it is almost at the brim. Make sure you leave room for glue in step 5!

Step Four:

Add a couple drops of Liquid Watercolor. Have fun with colors! The more you add, the darker the liquid will be. If you use less, it will be easier to see the objects.

Step Five:

Screw the cap on tightly. After the cap is on, hot glue the outside of the cap where it connects to the bottle. This adds an extra protective seal that will keep the bottle from leaking.

Step Six:

SHAKE up your sensory bottle and watch the satisfying, colorful, slow motion of the objects floating around!

sensory bottles DIY

About the Author:

My name is Savannah Syke, my whole life I have loved making creative and colorful projects and spending time with children. I have been running the childcare center (Kids Stuff) at the Emma B Howe Family YMCA for 4 years now. Our mission statement and principles at the Y are creating responsible, honest and creative kids, and these are the values I like to have my programs reflect and represent. I run a program called Kid’s Stuff for ages 6 weeks to 10 years old, Big Kid’s Stuff for children over 5 years old, and Parent’s Night Out.

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