10 Field Day Bulletin Board Ideas


Field Day is a great way for the entire school to get together and get moving, and what better way to convey unity than to display a themed Field Day bulletin board in your classroom? Here are 10 ideas from PE teachers around the country to inspire you!

Field Day is Blossoming

This bulletin board gives students a chance to share what they love about Field Day. Each flower represents a student comment and can be modified to represent different sports and activities.

Field Day bulletin board

Materials needed:

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The Importance of Planning a Successful Field Day


field day planningThink back on your Field Day events from your school days. What do you remember? Many of you will remember how much fun you had, the games you played, and spending time with your classmates. Field Day is a great chance for students to let loose, get active, and have a good time. And at the end of the day, it is all about creating a memorable experience.

Now think about your planning process for Field Day. Do you ask other teachers for help? Can you have an outdoor event? Would you just throw some activities on a sheet of paper and draw a map with a schedule? Will you reach out to the community to ask for donations? Do you think about alerting parents that children will get wet if you have water activities so there are no surprises when they come home with dirty clothes? The level of planning you do and the amount of detail and communication you put into planning a Field Day have a direct correlation between the kind of memories a child will have decades from their elementary school years. Continue reading

Field Day Activities for Senior Residents


field day seniors

As you enjoy the warmer weather, plan a fun Field Day in the backyard for your senior residents to help them get up, get out, and get moving. Organize activities throughout the day, where residents can win fun prizes and ribbons. Add to the festive atmosphere by decorating with balloons and passing out cotton candy. Be sure to entice your residents to participate in all the fun by providing games and activities that pique their interests. Here are a few from notjustbingo to get you started:

3-Point Shootout – Recruit residents to show-off their shooting skills in a basketball-shooting contest. Set up an inflatable basketball hoop and have seated residents practice taking shots to determine who can shoot the most baskets.

Air Show – Invite residents to a backyard air show, but first explain that they must help decorate the planes for the show. Set up a crafts table on your back patio for residents to paint and decorate wooden model planes. Once the planes have dried, host a plane-throwing contest to see which resident can glide their plane the farthest. Continue reading

7 Themed Activities for Your Field Day Event


Field Day is one of the most exciting events during the school year. It wouldn’t be complete without some themed activities designed to get kids moving and practicing the skills they learned all year. These 7 activities from PE Central feature popular themes that will get students active and having fun.

Power Rangers Field Day

With the new Power Rangers movie coming into theaters very soon, this is the perfect Field Day theme for 2017! This activity includes 6 stations, one for each color Power Ranger, plus a Power Up water station.

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Car Wash Water Station for Kids – Field Day Activity


Field Day activityThe month of May typically only means one thing for a PE teacher: Field Day! After months of preparation, students and teachers can finally enjoy a day free from assessments, observations, meetings and grading papers. A day for our school community to come together for one last event, before the end of the school year. Each year it is a challenge to continue making Field Day a new and exciting event for our students at Pleasant Knoll Elementary. While searching for new ideas for our 2015 Field Day event, I came across a website with plans to build a “Kiddie Car Wash”. The moment I saw it, I knew it had to be one of our water stations at Field Day.

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