Car Wash Water Station for Kids – Field Day Activity

Field Day activityThe month of May typically only means one thing for a PE teacher: Field Day! After months of preparation, students and teachers can finally enjoy a day free from assessments, observations, meetings and grading papers. A day for our school community to come together for one last event, before the end of the school year. Each year it is a challenge to continue making Field Day a new and exciting event for our students at Pleasant Knoll Elementary. While searching for new ideas for our 2015 Field Day event, I came across a website with plans to build a “Kiddie Car Wash”. The moment I saw it, I knew it had to be one of our water stations at Field Day.

I found the idea from Mom Endeavors blog and Lowe’s creative ideas section. Visit both sites to see exactly how to build the car wash. After reviewing the plans, I purchased all of the supplies. My car wash ended up slightly different than the original based on supplies I already had on hand. I also decided to purchase a pipe cutter so that I could make all of my measurements and cuts at home. After making all of the cuts I began to assemble the Car Wash.

Make a car wash for field day

After the assembly was complete, I began drilling holes across the two top bars as well some down the bars on the sides. I recommend drilling a few holes at a time and checking the water pressure each time. With the water pressure changing with each hole that is drilled, be careful not to add too many holes. If that happens, the water will not travel to the top bars of the car wash and you will no longer have water falling from that area (I learned that the hard way).

I then added pool noodles to add a pop of color and a little extra safety padding. My original plan was to include “Sponge Water Bombs” that were created using sponges and zip ties.  After testing out this idea, I found that the students would continue to get caught in the string the sponges were hanging from and decided to take them out due to our student’s safety. I ended up using the sponges for a scooter relay so they did not go to waste!

Field Day for kidsThe Car Wash was now complete and ready for Field Day!

My Field Day is set up in three different zones: Indoor Zone, Dry Zone and a Wet Zone. Our Car Wash was included as one of 6 stations in the Wet Zone. One class was at the Car Wash at a time and students went through the car wash on a scooter. Students were partnered up and took turns pushing each other (gently) on their “car” through the Car Wash.

The “Kiddie Car Wash” turned out to be one of the highlights of our 2015 Field Day. My students enjoyed getting soaked and riding on the scooters. When asking one of my current classes what they would like to see at this year’s Field Day, the response was unanimous… “Car Wash!”.

Kids Field Day car wash

I would like to thank the administration, teachers and parents at Pleasant Knoll Elementary for their complete support of our Field Day event each year. I look forward to a fun and exciting PKES Field Day 2016!

About the Author:

Lindsay Dillon is a PE Teacher at Pleasant Knoll Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC. She is currently in her 6th year of teaching Physical Education. Lindsay’s greatest accomplishment was being voted for Teacher of the Year by the staff at PKES. She enjoys organizing the After School Staff Wellness Program as well as Family Fitness Nights for students and their families. Lindsay and her husband Bryan have a sweet and energetic 3 year old named Kenzie.


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