Dodgeball Game Variations for Summer Camp & Recreation

Dodgeball game variations

Use these variations of dodgeball to switch it up and provide a variety of games to a standard game of dodgeball to keep kids engaged and excited to play.


2 Pin Dodgeball

Each team will have two pins near their back line that they need to protect. If the other team knocks down a pin with a dodgeball, their entire team can come back in the game. Once a pin gets knocked over, it must stay down. If both pins get knocked over, the game is over. The only way players can come back in the game is to knock over a pin. A player cannot come back in if a teammate catches a ball. A team wins the game if they knock all the other team’s players out or if they knock down both of the other team’s pins.

Jedi Dodgeball

One player from each team is chosen to be the Jedi. Jedi’s start the game inside of a Hula-Hoop which is their “circle of force” and are given a pool noodle as their “light sabre”. Jedi’s are safe in the circle and are not out if hit. When a player gets out they must sit down where they are when they got out. Jedi’s can heal them by tagging them with their light sabre to let them back in the game. If the Jedi has to come out of their circle of force to heal someone and they get hit by a ball they are out. A Jedi is out if it hits their body or their light sabre. Each player that gets hit after the Jedi is out goes out as well. Once a player, or Jedi, is out they cannot return even if someone catches a ball. Teams must rotate players to be the Jedi each game.

Pirate Dodgeball

Variation of traditional dodge ball. Each team sets up  a “fort” constructed of cardboard or other camp items like mats. Teams are able to use the fort to hide from oncoming dodge balls. Teams play until all players on the other team are out or until time runs out. Different variations to win the game can be added.

Slap Ball

This is a free for all dodgeball game. Kids must slap the ball at each other and hit them below the waist to get each other out. The ball has to be slapped with it comes to you, you cannot roll it, stop it, or pick it up. If you do you are out. If you slap it and it hits someone above the waist you are out. You can add more than one ball to make games go faster. Make the playing area smaller as kids start to get out until you have a winner.

Money Ball Dodgeball

The game will have a larger dodgeball called the “Money Ball”. If your team has the money ball on your side someone on the team MUST throw it in the air across the center line at the opposing team. If the ball is intentionally rolled across, the player who rolled it is out. If a player is hit and gets out by the money ball, a player on the opposing team can also come back in. This is the only way to re-enter the game. A player cannot come back in if a teammate catches a ball. If the money ball is caught, the game is over and the team that caught the money ball wins. A team wins the game if they knock all the other team’s players out or if they catch the money ball.

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