Cool-Down Games for the Classroom, Camp & PE

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Cool-down games are just as important as warm-up activities! These games are simple, usually quiet and low key. They can be used in a classroom setting or during down time at camp for scenarios when you need the kids to wind down or wait for the next larger activity. View our circle themed cool down games below.


Button, Button

One person sits in the middle of a circle of children. A button or small object is passed around behind the backs of the children. The child in the center closes her eyes while the passing continues. When everyone says, “Button, Button, who has the button? She opens her eyes. She then has three chances to guess who has the button.

Battle Ball

Kids form a circle with their feet touching while leaving a space between their legs. Kids then slap the ball around the circle trying the get the ball to go in between another kids legs. If a ball goes between your legs you have to put one hand behind your back, so you can only slap or block with one hand. If it goes in between a 2nd time you are out and the circle becomes smaller. Play until there is only one left.

Hula Hoop Challenge

Have students form a circle, holding hands. Place the hula hoop around two people’s interlocked hands. Explain that the goal of the game is to get the hula hoop all the way around the circle without anyone letting go of their teammate’s hands.

Fox and the Rabbit

Have the group form a circle. Hand a ball out to two people on opposite sides of the circle. Designate which ball is the fox and which is the rabbit. Explain that each ball is like a hot potato and should not be held for more than one second. The object of the game is for the fox to catch the rabbit. Both the fox and the rabbit move by being passed (not thrown) around the circle in any direction. If a student is holding the fox they should pass the ball to the person next to them, whomever is closer to the rabbit. Those players holding the rabbit should pass to someone farther away from the fox. When the fox catches the rabbit start a new round.

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