Basketball Bingo & Coloring Printables For Kids

Basketball Bingo printable

Basketball season is here and you’re psyched! You’re already thinking about who’s going to hit the buzzer-beater, who is going to miss that crucial three-point shot, and most importantly whether or not your team will be taking home the trophy. While your kids may not be thinking nearly the same things, watching these games with your kids on tv can be a blast. 

How about getting them as psyched as you are by getting them involved with the game this season, right at home. Here are 3 activities to get your kids moving and excited for this basketball season. Combine these games with basketball related skills, like dribbling and shooting. Provide your group with basketball materials to practice with. 

Basketball Bingo 

Basketball bingo is a great way to keep your kids engaged and busy while watching the game. Instead of using numbers and letters like your typical bingo, they will spot different things going on in the game that they can mark out on their bingo sheet. For example, if a player misses a free throw shot, that’s a box on their bingo sheet that they can mark out wit bingo markers or bingo chips

Print out the bingo sheet below and identify which basketball terms are on there. Some of the areas could be simple but others like a technical foul may need to be explained. It all depends on how well versed your kid is with the game of basketball. Each time they see something that corresponds with the sheet, they will mark it off. Just like good ole’ bingo. The first player to get five in a row wins. 

You can download the basketball bingo here. 

basketball bingo

Jersey Coloring Page 

Get your kids into the team spirit by allowing them to create their own jerseys. Print out the coloring page below so they can get started on their custom gear. It’s no rules when it comes to how to design it. Your kid can create a jersey that represents their favorite team or even create a jersey for their own basketball squad. 

You can download the coloring page here

color your own jersey


Now that your team has won and you all are even more psyched, grab you and your kid’s basketball shoes and keep that momentum going by playing a game of horse. This will involve needing some basketball products like a hoop and a basketball. Horse is a game played by two or more people typically on a basketball court. The idea of the game is to duplicate the person that went before you’s shot. If someone makes a shot and the other players miss it, they get a letter towards the word Horse. The last person standing with the least amount of letters wins!

Basketball season doesn’t have to be about gluing your eyes to the screen, it can be a great way to get the family involved. Try adding these activities to your next basketball game night for some excitement on and off the court.  

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