Summer Camp Fun – How To Use Sticker Mosaics For Your Camp Program

stick together summer camp

Whether you are planning a Day Camp, Sleep Away Camp, Neighborhood Camp or ‘Pod’ Camp, let’s all StickTogether for a whole new level of ‘together time’ fun this summer!

It’s time to start planning for the summer! Whatever type of program you are planning for, StickTogether is the flexible activity that’s inclusive and engaging for all.

WHAT IS STICKTOGETHER? StickTogether is ‘paint by numbers’ but with stickers and for large groups. The poster starts as a mystery, just a blank canvas, and builds as everyone ‘sticks together’ to reveal the image. Grab some stickers, check the color key…add just one sticker or add a lot. Share that ‘Wow! We made that together’ magical moment when the image jumps off the page.

summer camp sticker mosaic

Here are 5 ways to work StickTogether into your Summer Camp plans:

  • Welcome One and ALL! – Start building community right from the very beginning and host a collaborative art project event. at the beginning of Camp or put one out for any community-wide event during the summer. StickTogether will keep participants occupied and encourages casual interactions.
  • Cool Down Calm Down – For down-time in between activities. It’s calming and relaxing, and it’s an easy way to bring campers together in casual conversation, because when it comes right down to it, what they love the most about camp are the life-long friendships that are forged there.
  • Rainy Day Back-Up Plan – Summer rain showers are no problem with StickTogether! It’s a great activity for indoors, and the colorful images are certain to brighten up any rainy day. A group of active ‘stickerers’ can finished one poster (~4,000 stickers) in a few hours.
  • StickTogether to the races. Organize a racecourse that involves picking up a certain number of stickers from one spot, and then running back to the poster to attach the stickers, and then back to get some more stickers. Everyone participates and gets some activity in as a bonus. And when the race is over, everyone can celebrate the final image!
  • Theme Day – Build a theme day around a Sunflower or Hot Air Balloon. Or for Color Wars – make a game out of having each team find the stickers and finish the posters!

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A recent review from a Camp Director:

“Terrific activity for our summer campers who find themselves with a few minutes of down time. We post them as a mystery and as the picture unfolds with color, the children’s & staff’s excitement is infectious! Such a fun & engaging activity!” – Jane Funk

StickTogether Kit

Each StickTogether kit comes with everything you need to complete the image: a coded poster grid, a color key, and enough colored stickers to complete the pixilated image. Make sure to hide the cover from the campers. The activity is MUCH more fun when the image is kept s mystery.  Just unfold the poster, tape to a wall or place it on a table, put out the color key and the stickers, and they’re off!  It’s that easy. And if they don’t finish it in one sitting you can just roll the poster up until you’re ready to put it out again.

collaborative art sticker mosaic

Kit Options:

stick together camp

We hope you will share your StickTogether stories with us. How you are incorporating StickTogether in your Summer Camp Programming?

Let’s ALL StickTogether this summer!

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