8 Robot Crafts & STEM Activities for Kids

Robot crafts are super fun for kids! Below we’ve featured some great interactive crafts that can also be used for dramatic play. Plus,you’ll find even more robot activities that build skills in STEM, Makerspace, and Coding.

Robot Crafts

Robot Pull Toys

We love this Interactive Robot Craft that can be used for dramatic play activities after decorating! The pack makes 12 projects. It comes with laser cut wood shapes, markers, string, fasteners, and wiggly eyes. The shapes come with pre-punched holes to insert the fasteners and string to attach and allow their arms and legs to move! Use the instructions included for how to put these together. Decorate the shapes with the markers and add the eyes! Kids can get super creative with patterns and colors. See how it moves in the video below!

robot pull toy

Color-Me Stand Up Robots

Our Color-Me™ Robots are made with a super heavy card stock that allows them to stand up on their own! Great for a fun craft to put on display in your program. The pack comes wtih 24 robots in 4 different designs. Color them with crayons, markers, or paint, and add other craft trims like glitter glue! Instructional guide is included.

robot crafts

Fuzzy Robots Craft Kit

Kid can create their very own 3D Fuzzy Robot that can turn it’s head and move it’s arms! The kit comes with punch-out pieces that fold and slot-fit together. The instructions show step by step photos on how to put the pieces together. This activity is recommended for ages 7 and up. The markers are also included for coloring the robot. The pack includes 12 projects. You can also have kids create a display or diorama that features their robot, or color with glow-in-the-dark paint!

3D robot craft

robot craft for kids

Super Foam Alien Robots Craft Kit

Foam crafts are super fun and easy for kids! This Foam Robot Craft Kit includes foam sheets with arms, legs, bodies, hands, heads, feet, and antennas to use to build robots. The pieces are interchangeable so kids can get creative with color patterns and styles! This craft is also great for sensory as the foam pieces are soft to the touch. Instructions are included. The kit makes 12 projects.

foam robot craft kit

Crafts by Amanda: Monsters, Aliens, and Robots

This pack of 72 projects made exclusively for S&S by Crafts By Amanda comes with pieces to make Robots, Monsters and Aliens. It makes 24 of each. All of the supplies are included along with an instruction guide. Kids can get creative using the materials like paper plates, craft foam, pipe cleaners, and foam sheets. The pack also comes with paint, brushes, glue dots, glue, and gemstones!

robots and aliens crafts

Robot STEM & Makerspace

Mini Maker Robot

These Plus-Plus® Mini Maker Robots are a great craft activity that also doubles as a makerspace and STEM project. Challenge kids to built a robot with the plus plus pieces. This pack comes with 6 tubes including instructions and all the pieces you need to build a robot. Or, use your imagination and create your own design! We love the 3D designs that these pieces create, and the finished robot can stand up and be displayed proudly.

makerspace robot craft

Botley™ The Coding Robot Activity Set

Botley the Coding Robot is a great tool and resource to introduce coding in an easy, fun and friendly way. It is ready to use right out of the box and will have kids coding in minutes! This robot is also 100% screen free – no phone or tablet required. Includes a 77-piece activity set so kids can interact with coding cards, set up obstacles and more.

Explore Botley’s advanced features and code him for up to 80 steps, with 40 more you can discover. He can also follow looping commands or be programed to go around objects with if/then logic. Turn on the black-line follow mode and set up a path for Botley to travel.

robot coding activity

robot coding activity kids

My First Robot Engineer Kit

This Robot Engineer Kit teaches simple engineering concepts to kids! The large, colorful plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together. The 53-piece science kit comes with an illustrated storybook to help inspire ideas. Lay the groundwork for STEM related skills like fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, and reasoning and concept development skills.

STEM robot activity

robot engineer

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  2. This robot craft activity which you have shared seems really interesting for kids. Perfect way to develop interest among kids to learn & explore more about the current technology. I think time has come to educate kids about the driving force behind this technology at an early stage. Learn coding kids not only develop their critical thinking but also improves their problem solving abilities. Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing craft activity for kids.

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