Fast Math Frisbee Throwing Activity

Fast Math Frisbee PE

Fast Math Frisbee is a Frisbee throwing game that incorporates math into PE. The objective is to score points by throwing the Frisbee at targets set up in the gym.  The person who scores the most points in your group wins!

Equipment Needed:physical education equipment


How to Play Math Frisbee

You will divide the class into 6 groups behind each starting cone. I have students choose their own group by giving them rules. They must have at least 1 boy and 1 girl in every group, and the largest group can only be 1 bigger than the smallest group.  If the largest group is 5 students, your smallest can only be 4!

Each group will have 2 of the same colored Frisbees. Each person will get 2 throws per turn. They will combine the points from both throws and write it down on the score sheet. Students will play 10 frames similar to bowling where they have 2 throws per frame. After both Frisbees are thrown, the student who threw them will sprint down to retrieve them and sprint back to their team without throwing them back.

Fast Math Frisbee


Each target is worth a different point value:

  • Pins = 1 point
  • Hula Hoops = 2 points
  • Tall Cones = 2 points
  • Disc Golf Cage = 3 points
  • Disc Bonk Pole = 5 points
  • Basketball Goal = 5 points

You can view the printable Score Sheet here.

Fast Math Frisbee Score Sheet

The game is over after all 10 frames have been played. The winner is the student with the highest total points!

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Matt Barrows is currently in his 6th year teaching Physical Education and Health at Clardy Elementary. He has many accomplishments at this school. He led a fundraiser to raise money for a 40-foot rock wall in their gym. ESPN sponsored their Donor’s Choose request and matched $4000 of the total cost. In his 3rd year of teaching, Matt was selected by his peers and received the Traditions of Excellence in Teaching award, then was chosen by the school district to be put in the Teaching Honor Cadre. They have 30 schools in the district and he was 1 of 12 chosen for the entire district. Matt also started an after school running club. Matt says he couldn’t ask for a better job where he can have hundreds of kids enjoy fitness!

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