National Skilled Nursing Care Week Activities – Live Soulfully Theme

national skilled nursing care week

Help your residents celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week during May 12th-18th (formerly known as National Nursing Home Week) by scheduling a week’s work of fun activities for your residents that relate to this year’s theme: Live Soulfully. Think about what types of activities do your residents and staff like to do, and what makes them happy.

Add to the fun of the observance by calling it a Soulful Seniors event and taking photos of residents enjoying their activities.

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate from the official National Skilled Nursing Care Week Planning Guide.

Food Tasting

Organize a fun Food Tasting for your residents where you and your staff can easily make the food, like setting up a Fondue Fountain or even a Donut and Coffee Station in your Activity Room.

Cooking Night

Host a Cooking Class for your residents one evening where you can teach them how to make a unique dish, like showing them how to make dessert crepes that can be topped with whipped cream and fruit.

Gardening Activities

Recruit your residents for some Backyard Gardening to help get your garden planters filled for the summer by setting up several tabletop gardeners on your back patio tables. Simply fill the plastic containers with gardening soil for your residents to use to fill your planters.

Book Fair

Host a fun Book Fair in your facility to sell slightly used books to raise money for a local charity. Beforehand, ask residents, staff members, and family members to donate books for the activity.

Acts of Kindness

Invite residents to display Acts of Kindness by completing a craft that can be given to others. For instance, use markers to decorate animal hand puppets that can be donated to a local children’s hospital.

Pet Day

Take residents on a trip to a local pet store or animal shelter for a fun Pet Day to visit and see the dogs and cats. If you would rather organize a petting activity for your residents, instead provide them with a faux dog or faux cat that they can touch and pet.

Music & Memory

Schedule a Music & Memory activity for your residents as you get them moving while singing to their favorite songs. Simply play a fun sing-along DVD that residents can enjoy as you lead them in exercises.

Art Class

Organize an Art Class to show residents how to make sand art mandalas using a sand art kit. Just sprinkle the colorful sand onto the sticky side of the mandalas to create the artwork.

Spa Day

Create a Spa Day in your Activity Room by using an aromatherapy diffuser to inject pleasing aromas into the air for residents to enjoy. Use a variety of essential oils for the diffuser.

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