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This is a great Christian craft for all ages that can easily be customized to match any décor or season. You can adapt this project for a variety of groups and skill sets or even make it solo project for a cozy night at home! Paper quilling is very popular these days and there are a ton of fancy tools available to help master this technique, but I wanted to show a no-tool version that you can do on a budget.

Download a printable version of this activity here so you can easily follow the steps and the design!


cross craft activity

Step 1: Cut your construction paper into thin strips,. They should be ½” x 9”. You will need about 70-80 strips of paper. I used an X-Acto knife and a ruler for this. You could also use a paper cutter. Be sure to use caution.

christian craft

Step 2: Paint your cross trivet with a wash of watercolor. You will need a brush and a cup of water. You can also use Acrylic paint or wood stain. Allow a few minutes to dry.

cross craft idea

Step 3: Now let’s get things rolling! First curl the strip using your thumb nail as you hold the paper between your thumb and index finger as if you were curling ribbon. You can also use scissors to curl the paper. This makes the paper rolling much easier. Start at one end, and hold the strip between your thumb and pointer finger. Then use the other hand to roll the strip forward into a tight coil.

Curling tip

Step 4: Starting at the top of the cross, squeeze some glue into the desired area and put the paper coil into place. Be sure to press and hold the paper for about 30-60 seconds to be sure it stays secure.

christian crafts

Alternate colors as you roll and glue the paper into place and fill the base of the cross. And if you say a prayer as you roll each strip…well that’s a whole lot of Jesus love!

religious craft activityHere I have the whole top finished. It’s starting to look very beautiful!

And this is the finished cross craft! This was one of my favorite Christian craft activities. You can admire your finished product and use it as a decoration for your home. Enjoy!

religion cross

cross activityHere is the fall themed christian cross craft I created.

jesus cross craft

You can also alter this activity for younger age groups if the paper rolling is too difficult or tedius for kids. Instead of paper, use colorful beads to fill the cross trivets. Aleene’s tacky glue does a great job of holding the beads in place and it dries clear. Special thanks to Diane and her Summer Bible Camp for this idea! They used it as one of 5 crafts for their “Journey with Jesus” week. Here are some photos of the kids doing the activity. The kids enjoyed making them and had a nice product to take home!

cross activity

cross craft

cross craft bible camp

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6 thoughts on “Christian Cross Craft Activity

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  2. Hi, I love this craft. I’ve ordered enough trivets for Summer Bible School…but I found the rolling of the paper to be a bit tedious and perhaps a little hard and frustrating for the children?? I am going to fill the trivets with pearls and jewels etc. I wonder if white glue will hold them???? Time will tell. Maybe I should use another type of glue. Glue guns are not an option. Any ideas out there?

    • Hi Diane, so great to hear you love this craft. The rolling of the paper can certainly get a bit tedious, and may be a better craft for older children. Your idea to add other embellishments such as jewels and pearls is a great idea for younger children and much easier. Thanks for sharing it with us! I would recommend a tacky glue, something like this works great: But let us know if the other glue keeps them in place!

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