Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Pre-K & Kindergarten

Give your Pre-K or Kindergarteners the perfect gifts for the holiday this year! Here are 10 hand picked items from one of our S&S associates to help your little ones enjoy the season.
 pre-k kindergarten gifts
1. Candy Land® Game

I remember how I used to play Candy Land for hours as a child, and I look forward to playing this game with my children as well. I love that the game has pictures on the card so reading is not required. I think at this age it is important to learn about how to be a good winner and good loser, and shake hands at the end of each game. So this will be a fun way to introduce that concept.

  holiday gifts kindergarten

2. Galaxy Glow in the Dark Play Tent

Dramatic play is a wonderful way to grow, so I encourage it whenever possible. I know my kids would love playing in this galaxy tent! I could also see them bringing in a blanket and sleeping in there one night! (Inside the house of course!)

 gift for pre-k

3. Pumper Car

This Pumper Car looks like a fun and active way to play outside. There is also a Pumper Car Junior depending on the size of your child. I also like that it comes assembled!

 holiday gifts

4. Holiday Velvet Frame Craft Kit

I think it is important for my children to learn that Christmas is also about giving and I encourage them to make a present for family and friends each year. I think these Velvet Art Frames would make a great gift for relatives once I pop in a school picture. Tie on the ribbon and they can be an ornament keepsake!

 pre-k kindergarten gifts holiday

5. Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar™

Even as an adult I found this to be a bit of a challenge the first time I tried it. This is a fun STEM toy that challenges children’s critical thinking, sequencing and reasoning. I think it will be a fun learning tool!

 holiday gifts kids

6. Magic Nuudles®

My son had these at school and loved playing with them! Once you get the nuudles damp they stick together and you can build fabulous towers or use with a coloring page to make it 3-D!

 kindergarten gifts

7. Slime Compound 10 Pack

Slime is huge right now! What child wouldn’t enjoy a 10 pack of Neon slime! A fun sensory experience.

 holiday gifts pre-k

8. Slime Baff®

Since I was thinking about slime, I remembered how much my kids loved when I got them the Slime Baff last year, so I think I am adding that to the wish list again this year. We spent a snow day playing in the bath tub with this slime, and honestly I wished I could hop in when the kids were done! Also, it was easy to clean up when we were done.

 holiday gifts kids

9. Ultra Stomp® Rocket

I love educational toys, so this stomp rocket looks like a blast! Not only will my son learn about ballistics, projection, force and motion but he will also be sending a rocket up to 200 feet in the air. What could be better?

 gifts pre-k kindergarten

10. Spring Ball

I remember hopping on these bouncy balls as a child, and even though it was tiring after a while I would keep on hopping! I think my son would love this just as much as I did, and how can I say no to all the exercise he will get while bouncing!

Tell us your favorite gift for your pre-kindergarten/kindergarten age kids!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Pre-K & Kindergarten

  1. Really like the ideas. We have some of these things already, but I do think the 10 pack of slime is our next purchase and 2 of our kids can not get enough!

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