How to Make Clay Pendant Necklaces – DIY Craft Activity

music pendants

Make a pendant necklace with polymer clay! We created these during Classical Music Day when we studied and listened to both Mozart and Beethoven, so we used musical pendants. But you can create these for any theme.


Step 1: Pick out your three – five of favorite colors to create your pendant. You will get two small squares of each color.

Step 2: Clay can be a little hard at first and little fingers may find it challenging to squish in their hands so we can use a table. Take one color and squish the two squares together. Now place on the table and, with the palm of your hand, roll it back and forth
to create a long piece sort of like a worm.

Step 3: Do the same with the second color, rolling it back and forth on the table to create a long worm-like piece. Set this second color right next to the first color. They can even touch (worms like to have friends around). Repeat with the third color.

Step 4: Now roll all three pieces together to make one large piece. You can twist the pieces to swirl the colors even more. Roll again.

Step 5: Fold the long piece over so that it’s stacked on top of itself. Now roll in a circular motion on the table or in your hand to create a ball.

Step 6: When you’re happy with how your swirl looks, press down on the table in the desired shape you want (circle, oval).

Step 7: Using a straw, press down towards the top of your clay to create a hole.

Step 8: Bake on foil at 250 degrees for 15 min (as directed on the package). Please be careful as the clay will be very hot. Let cool.

Step 9: Now you’re ready to thread your charm onto your necklace and secure it through your pendant.

pendant clay charm

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  1. thank you i did not know that you had to bake the clay, my senior class made Sand Dolars necklace and the instructions say nother about heating the clay for hardern. we used the same clay.

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