Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Give your toddler the perfect gifts for the holiday! Here are 10 hand picked items from one of our S&S associates.
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1. Paperback Classics Book Set

This year my son has a huge fascination with reading (and not always to extend bedtime!) He really enjoys reading new books as well as helping to recite some of his favorites. I love this pack of paperback books because it includes so many classics that I also enjoyed as a child.

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2. Stacking & Activity Blocks

I have personally tested this new stacking toy, and I know my son would love it. Not only do the balls light up as they race through the inside of the cups, but it also plays music! I think this would help my son work on his hand-eye coordination as he stacks the cups on top of each other.

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3. Little Chair Covers

Both of my little ones enjoy dramatic play, because make-believe is so much fun! These new chair covers are definitely going to be on my children’s wish list this year. It is very easy for my dining room chair to become a market, tool shed or a pet clinic. I love how they are also machine washable!

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4. Design and Drill Activity Center

Fixing furniture around the house like daddy has become a favorite activity for my son. He grabs his play screw driver and walks around looking for what needs to be fixed. I think he would get some joy out of this Design and Drill activity center. He can practice fixing something that will actually screw in!

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5. Grocery Store Market Stand

It is fun to watch as kids’ imaginations develop in front of your eyes. Whenever my kids go to the Children’s Museum, they love to act like a cashier and ring out the groceries. This market stand is perfect for them to act out what they see in real life provide hours of fun!

 superhero packs

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6. Super Hero Dress Up Cape And Accessories

This has been the year of super heroes. For Halloween half of his class was super heroes. So why not add some dramatic play items to their Christmas gifts? I know both my son and daughter would love to wear these around the house to fight villains and to run at top speed!

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potato head

7. Little Tikes™ Easy Score Basketball Set

My son loves basketball, so this set was on his wish list this year! It is perfect for growing toddlers, and can adjust to 6 heights from 2-1/2 to 4 feet. I really like that it helps him with coordination and allows him to practice his favorite sport.

 toddler gifts

8. Magnetic Fishing Set

Although we didn’t catch any real fish this summer, my son enjoyed fishing on the dock. Here is a way he can enjoy fishing year round!


9. Little Tikes™ Easy Store Table with Umbrella

All summer long I was wishing I had one of these Little Tikes tables so my kid could do craft projects or eat lunch outside. I especially love how this one has an umbrella to keep the sun off of him while he plays.

 toddler preschool gifts

10. Road Play Tape

My son inherited all of his father’s matchbox cars from when he was a child, so we literally have dozens of cars. He loves when we race the cars. How much fun is this Road PlayTape? We could set up roads all over his room for the cars to travel. It would also be a fun activity for a play date.


Tell us your favorite gift for your toddler or preschooler!

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