Group Craft Activities for Father’s Day

Need some Father’s Day craft activities for your classroom or afterschool program? We’ve chosen 5 of our favorite DIY group crafts to share with you that can be made with just a few simple materials. Kids can give their dads a personal gift made from the heart – and have fun making them!

Neck Tie Craft

Father's Day crafts

Our Color-Me™ Neck Ties are perfect for Father’s Day! They come as a pack of 12 plain white ties, and are less than $1 per project. Kids can use fabric markers, stickers, paint, or even yarn to decorate their tie. Elastic bands make them wearable too!

Head Lamp Craft

Father's Day head lamp

Another fun Color-Me™ item for Father’s Day is our 12 pack of head lamps. The best method for decorating these is with fabric markers. Dads can use these anytime they need hands-free light! Whether they are camping, hiking or fishing at night, or in a dark basement fixing a leak, these bright lamps can guide their way. Students can have fun drawing different designs and sayings that will make their dad smile.

Father’s Day Photo Plate

Father's Day crafts

Photo crafts are very popular now because they add such a nice personal touch to a gift. Using our ceramic bisque plates, Mod Podge, and acrylic paint, kids can make this memory photo plate craft in just 4 easy steps. The plates come in a pack of 12. See the tutorial here.

Father’s Day Photo Puzzle

Father's Day diy

This is another great photo gift for kids to make. Using wooden cubes and Mod Podge, kids can choose their favorite photo with their dad and make it into a puzzle keepsake! One pack of cubes makes 6 puzzles, so this is a craft for a smaller group. See the tutorial here.

World’s Greatest Dad Trophy

Fathers Day

This trophy paper craft makes 36 projects, so it’s great for a large group. Students can each design their own #1 Dad trophy using acrylic paint or permanent markers. Dad can hang it up on the refrigerator at home, or at his office for everyone to see.

What is your favorite Father’s Day craft?

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