Group Activities for Team Building & Warm Ups

group games

Try these group activities to keep your group active, engaged, and learn teamwork!


The Last Straw

Give everyone a straw to put in their mouth. In rows or pews have them stand up and get ready to pass a small cup to the next person by using only the straw. The row to do this first, without cheating, wins! You can have a few people in the middle blind folded for an extra twist.

Magic Wall

Divide campers into two groups. Raise a parachute (or sheet / tarp) between the two groups (the point is that neither team can see each other). Each team sends one of its members up to the edge of the parachute. The people holding the tarp or blanket count to three and the parachute is dropped. This leaves two campers starring at each other. Whichever can yell out the other’s name first ‘wins’. The ‘loser’ then joins the ‘winners’ team and the game begins again until all the campers are on one side.

Mine Field

Guides must lead a blindfolded individual through an obstacle course (mine field), using verbal cues only. Ask the participants to find a partner and decide who will be the guide (they can take turns). Tie a blindfold around the remaining individual and spin him around a couple times to disorient him. The guide must lead the blindfolded individual through the course without stepping on any mines (for example: “take three big steps forward. Take two little steps to the left,” etc.). The guide learns how to be responsible for team-mates while the blindfolded person learns to rely on team-mates.

Name Toss

Here are the common rules: Arrange the group in a circle. One person starts off by saying the name of someone else in the circle, and tossing the ball to them. That person then in turn says the name of a different person, and tosses the ball to someone else who has not yet received the ball. That continues until everyone in the circle has received the ball once. Generally, the objective is to pass the ball around the circle without dropping it. If the ball is dropped, the group restarts until completed without dropping. You can add a “thank-you, (name)” from the receiving person if you like… As always, feel free to change the rules, and make this activity work for you!

Shuffle The Deck Mixer

Hand everyone a playing card as they come in. During the mixer, call out different combinations that they have to form a group with. Example: four of a kind, a flush, two pairs, etc. Once they get in a group have everyone go around the circle and tell something about themselves.

String Game

Participants select pre-cut lengths of string from the group facilitator. Each member holds the string between his/her thumb and forefinger. For each “wrap” of the string around the finger, participants must share one thing about themselves.

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