Foam Mosaic Mandalas Craft Kit

foam mandala craft kit

Mandalas are a very popular craft trend, and their circular designs are both visually apealing and can be traced back through history as a symbol of power, meditation, and the structure of the universe.

The mandala design makes a great craft project because of it’s many elements and designs. This Foam Mandala Craft Kit allows your group to create their own personal art project by placing different colors and shapes.


The thick foam shapes make this a great project for all abilities. The self adhesive foam also makes it mess free! The kit comes with 12 projects. Everyone creates their own foam mosaic mandala by choosing the colors and shapes they want, and sticking them to the circular centerpiece to make their unique design.The foam pieces are 5mm thick, so they really add dimension to the craft.

Step 1: Choose your colors. The kit comes with 3 color options for the base; black, green, and orange. The foam sheets with the punch-out shapes come in 6 different colors; yellow, white, red, green, blue, and purple.

foam mandala craft

Step 2: Punch out the shapes you want to use for each color. The shapes vary in size and length. You will have some squares, triangles, circles, tear drops, and flower petal shapes.

mandala foam shapes

Step 3: Remove the adhesive back to the shapes and place them onto your base circle.

mandala craft

Step 4: Place the shapes in any design you’d like! The colors are so vibrant on the black background, and it is fun to fit the shapes in different ways. Be creative and have fun with it!

foam mosaic mandala art

The finished project measures 9” in diameter.

mandala foam craft

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