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This week for the #FeaturedPETeacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Monica Lassiter!

Monica Lassiter PE teacher

About Monica:

I teach Elementary Physical Education at Community Christian School in Tallahassee, FL. I teach PreK-5th grade to about 150 students. This is my 19th year teaching!

Current Lesson Plan/Unit:

Jumping and Rope Skills (PreK-2nd grade) ending with Christmas games (so fun!!)
Aerobic Games & Soccer (3rd-5th grade)

Students have been playing games such as “Chop Down the Christmas Trees” to work on cooperation, team strategy and rolling and throwing skills and “Freeze and Thaw Continuous Tag” to increase their heart rate and warm-up large muscles using holiday story characters. These are played alongside Christmas music!

PreK-2nd graders have been practicing things such as different ways to jump on and around spot markers, jumping for distance, turning a long rope together with a partner, lead-up activities where the rope is turned by others, and individual rope progression by participating in lead-up activities to turning and jumping techniques.

featured pe Monica Lassiter

Aerobic games were 3rd-5th grade warm-ups before they got into their 2 soccer drills per class. Some of the aerobic games were; “5 Player Kickball” where a kicker kicks and runs, while fielders quickly pass to all and return to pitcher. “Keep Away 2 on 1” were groups of 3 where offense attempts to complete 3 passes in a row while defense tries to stop them. “Raiders of the Ark” were 2 large groups, Raiders and Crypt Keepers. Raiders tried to “steal treasures” from the crypt using running and throwing. Crypt Keepers defended the crypt by pulling flags. Everyday they would play a different aerobic game.

Then, as mentioned earlier, 2 soccer drills which they worked on either; passing, shooting, throw-ins, punts, trapping and dribbling. The students always finished class with about 15 minutes of 2 separate games going on. Each week they were placed on different squads and each class they versed different squads.

merry christmas tag

PE Focus for 2018:

My specific focus for the year is to continue to try to be diligent with planning. I of course cannot do it all but introducing students when they are young to a variety of ways to be physically active so they can have a healthy lifestyle.

Favorite Lesson Plan/Unit:

It is hard to pick a favorite unit I teach because I really do enjoy all of them whether it is 4-Square, Hopscotch, Running, Flag Football, etc. Any unit where I feel the students have understanding of what we have been doing, stayed active and shown godly character I feel that is a win. I am thankful God gives us all passions and the gift it is to share our love of something to others.

What is your favorite part about being a PE Teacher?

I have many favorite parts about being a PE teacher such as; being active (when I can and with certain classes) with the students, teaching that exercising gives us energy and is good for our bodies, getting students year after year and watching them mature, being on the same schedule as my own children as a mom is a plus, but MOST of all sharing what I naturally love to do with great kids!

featured PE teacher

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