DIY Santa Mask For Kids – Easy Christmas Craft Idea

Kids will have a blast with this DIY Santa mask for Christmas! Make it in just 4 simple steps – we added sunglasses to make it even more fun for photos.

DIY Santa mask for kids



Step 1: Fold your noodle so the two ends meet, and place a santa hat over the ends. Tip: Use a white pool noodle OR cover it with white paper or felt so the color doesn’t show through.

Step 2: Glue on some polyfill with hot glue for Santa’s beard. Make it super fluffy!

Step 3: Cut or poke holes into the sides of the pool noodle for the craft stick to fit into.

Step 4: Hot glue sunglasses onto the craft stick.

Step 5: Take tons of cute photos of your kids 🙂

santa hat diy

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