Make A Gingerbread Man With Fuse Beads

Fuse Beads are one of my favorite craft activities, especially around the holiday! It is also a great craft for children. I created a cute Gingerbread Man to use as decoration for my home. There are only a few materials and it is a quick and easy craft activity.

Download a printable version of this activity here so you can easily follow the steps and the design!


To create the gingerbread man, I used the bear shaped pegboard. Start by sorting out what colors you would like to use. Put each color bead in a paint cup or small container. This makes it easier to place the beads on the pegboard. I chose brown for the body, white for the face, arms, and legs, and yellow for the buttons.

gingerbread man craft

Now you can start putting the beads on the pegboard. You will see I left out the ears! This bear pegboard works perfectly for a gingerbread man. You can follow the pattern I used, or get creative and make your own.

gingerbread man fuse beads

Next, cover the beads with ironing paper. I use a cutting board to work on just to be safe. Set your iron to medium and use a swirling motion for about 30 seconds to fuse the beads together evenly. You can decide if you would like to iron just one side, or both.

fuse beads craft activity

Enjoy your adorable gingerbread man! You can also use a magnet to put him on your refrigerator.

holiday craft with fuse beads

If you have a group of children or seniors who LOVE fuse beads, use our Fuse Bead Activity Pack which includes all of the materials!

Submitted by: Chelsea Brown, Social Media Coordinator at S&S Worldwide

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4 thoughts on “Make A Gingerbread Man With Fuse Beads

  1. What a great craft for the little ones(and bigger ones) to keep busy, make something neat, and be proud of their craft! Love this idea!

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